Who Was Rico Burton Tyson Fury Cousin? What Happened? Tyson Fury Cousin Stabbed To Death

Who Was Rico Burton Tyson Fury Cousin

Rico Burton, a close cousin of Tyson Fury who was fatally wounded, calls on authorities in order to “stop knife crime”: Rico Burton was stabbed with a knife on the weekend of 20 August, and passed away in the process.

The police haven’t received any information. However, because Tyson Fury, the most famous boxer, has openly admitted to his connection and friendship with Rico Burton, and because Rico Burton is known to be his cousin, the matter has attracted lots of media attention and attention from the public.

What happened to Rico Burton ?

Rico Burton, Tyson Fury’s cousin, was cruelly killed by a knife attack just after 3 a.m. today in Altrincham, Manchester (August 21). The boxer took to Instagram to honor Rico Burton’s family, writing: “My cousin was murdered last night, stabbing him by a knife in his neck. It’s becoming absurd that stupid people carry knives. This should be stopped Asap.

UK government must make more severe sentencing for knife crime. It’s an epidemic, and you don’t be aware of the severity until you have one of you!” Fury emphasised the value of life and how swiftly it may be snatched away from us, advising people to savour each second. He concluded by saying: “RIP Rico Burton. God bless you. him a space in the heavens. We will see you soon.”

Crimes committed with knives have become a major issue in the UK lately, with numerous youngsters who carry knives for violent acts. It is expected that by increasing the sentences of those who are found carrying knives, the authorities will be clear that such crimes will not be tolerated.

Who was Rico Burton?

Who Was Rico Burton Tyson Fury Cousin

Rico has trained with her cousin Tyson when Tyson was younger, his ex-coach Steve Egan told the Sun.

Friends of his said that he had employed as a roofing contractor, but was now selling automobiles. Rico is believed to be 31 years old. young. He was his former coach Steve Egan, who also played Tyson at one time and said he was “devastated” to hear of the tragic incident. Egan said to the Sun:

I was a teacher for Rico who is a beautiful young man. I’m devastated. “I find myself crying. I’ve been with both of them since 13 years old.

He was a genius, he was a legend. ” “He was always a diligent worker; he worked both in and out of the ring.” Rico’s departure is tragic for the boxing community as well as for his family and friends. He was a highly skilled fighter with a bright future ahead of his.

Manchester Police statement

Two men were stabbed outside of a pub in Altrincham A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police told the Manchester Evening News that “police are appealing to the public for further information.”

” “Just after three in the morning on Sunday, August 21, 2022, the police were called in response to allegations that two males had been stabbed outside the Goose Green bar in Altrincham. The emergency services of the local area responded in response to this incident. Two patients were transported by ambulance to a hospital where they were in critical health following the occurrence of life-threatening injuries.

A short while afterwards, a male patient who shall remain nameless and was 31 years old passed away in the hospital. A male patient who is 17 years old is being treated in the hospital due to serious injuries.

A male suspect, age 21 was taken into custody at the scene after being detained for suspicion of a section 18 assault. the suspect is in police custody today.

A murder investigation has been launched Police are now soliciting anyone who been present at the scene to contact them.

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