Who killed Kristin Smart and where is he now? Classmate found guilty

Who killed Kristin Smart

Who killed Kristin Smart and where is he now? Classmate found guilty

After a long battle, Kristin Smart’s killer, Paul Flores, has been finally convicted by a jury after a three-month-long trial.

Kristin Smart disappeared from California Polytechnic State University’s campus on May 25, 1996. She allegedly vanished after attending a fraternity party at her college. Paul was the last person she saw. Her body is still unknown to this day.

For a long time, Paul Flores was the topic of much discussion among investigators and those around him. However, Flores maintained his innocence and refused to answer any questions.

After a breakthrough discovery was made in 2021, Paul Flores and Ruben Flores were taken into custody by authorities.

Who killed Kristin Smart

Paul was found guilty of the charges, but his father was cleared. He is currently being held at the County Jail. He will be there until his sentence on December 9, 2022.

Who is Paul Flores’ connection to Kristin Smart and who is he?

Kristin’s classmate, Flores, was the last person she saw before she disappeared on her way home from a fraternity event.

Kristin and Flores had been initially with two friends on the night of Kristin’s disappearance. Flores told his friends that he would take Kristin to her room and drop her off at her dorm, as it was closer to hers. She was never seen again. After many decades of searching, she was never found.

Who killed Kristin Smart

Prosecutors claim that Paul Flores killed Kristin Smart after attempting to assault her at the party. They claimed that Paul Flores and Ruben planned the entire thing. They first buried Kristin at their home and then disposed of her body.

Sources at the party confirmed that Kristin’s behaviour on the night of the disappearance was consistent with someone who had been drugged.

Investigators and archeologists also discovered a coffin-shaped disturbance within the soil in Flores’ backyard. Investigators also found a seven-minute-long call between Ruben Paul and Ruben on the weekend of Smart’s disappearance.

This, along with other evidence such as Paul’s black eye and Jennifer Hudson, who claimed that Paul had allegedly confessed to her that he had murdered Kristin Smart, led to his conviction. The defense lawyer was very thorough in questioning Hudson, but she held firm and said that she knew Paul was serious about the admission.

Ruben Flores, his son and another person were also accused of being accessories to the crime. After a brief trial, however, a new jury exonerated him. Ruben stated

“They have done all kinds of searches. They come to my home and tell me she is buried there. That’s quite surprising to me. They claim they found her. You know that I’m 81 years old. I don’t like to dig too much. “

He also talked about his son’s imprisonment and expressed concern about him. He stated:

“I’m relieved, and I’m concerned about my son, of course…I feel sorry for them because they didn’t get any answers about their daughter’s fate and we don’t know what happened. “

Paul Flores is due to be sentenced on December 9, 2022. After that, he will be transferred to the state prison.

He is facing 25 years in prison with no parole.

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