Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau? Relationship, Net Worth, Instagram, and Everything You Need to Know!

Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau

Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau?

John Cena was married to Liz Cena (Elizabeth Huberdeau) as his first wife. John Cena married Elizabeth Huberdeau on July 11, 2009. They divorced May 1, 2012, after an argument between John Cena’s ex-wife and him.

Elizabeth Huberdeau AND John cena

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), a conglomerate of professional wrestling media, is based in the United States. John and Elizabeth have been friends since high school.

Lizzie Huberdeau has a net worth of approximately $27 million

Although it’s not clear what Elizabeth does for her living, it has been reported she is making a good income from her ventures. Many people are curious to know how much she earns since she is married to a well-known wrestler.

Elizabeth Huberdeau

She is also widely believed to be a successful agent in real estate. John, her ex-husband, paid her a substantial divorce settlement.

Elizabeth was a real-estate agent at the start of her career. Rumours say that Elizabeth’s divorce settlement earned her $55 million.

Elizabeth Huberdeau is currently worth $10 million. John Cena, her ex-husband, gave her all the money she needed.

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Elizabeth Huberdeau, Divorce and Marriage

John and Elizabeth became close friends in high school. Their friendship blossomed into romance after high school. They had been close friends since elementary school. They decided to get married and start their lives together.

John’s girlfriend Elizabeth and he exchanged vows as part of the “12 rounds” campaign. John and Elizabeth exchanged vows in Boston on the 11th July 2009. John used the term frequently, so Elizabeth was nicknamed “Liz Cena”.

John Cena and Liz Cena enjoyed a happy marriage. Their marriage was not to last. After three years of marriage, the couple split. Rumours circulated about the reasons they split.

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She filed for divorce from John in May last year. The divorce was finalized on July 7. Elizabeth Huberdeau was unaware that a divorce petition had already been filed against him and she had not been notified.

john cena

John was suspected of cheating on her, she believed, based on presumptions. This was the reason their prenuptial agreement became so tense.

There have been rumors that the couple were at odds due to their differences in decorating their homes. John was opposed to having children so the couple couldn’t have them. They parted ways.

After their divorce, John’s new girlfriend was a WWE star Nikki Bella. According to reports, Elizabeth is also dating Eli Ayoub. It is not clear if there are any new details about her boyfriend.

Elizabeth’s boyfriend claims that the media doesn’t know anything about Elizabeth’s job. Their relationship was exposed when several of their photos became viral online.

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