Who Is Corn Kid? 7-Year-Old Tariq Becomes TikTok Sensation

Corn Kid

Tariq is featured in one episode of Recess Therapy, a web series hosted by comedian Julian Shapiro Barnum in which he interacts with children in playgrounds.

Tariq was featured in one of the shows. The clip of him eating corn and telling the camera, “I can’t think of anything more beautiful than corn,” became viral quickly.

Tariq’s Internet fame has elevated Tariq to new levels. He appeared on Drew Barrymore’s show, and was named the official South Dakota “Corn-bassador.”

Who is Corn Kid?

When 7-year-old Tariq spoke about his favourite food, he was famous on the internet as “Corn Kid.”
Tariq was a bit off with the host and the crowd by saying, “Ever since I was told that corn was real, it has tasted good.” However, when he said, “Have a corntastic day!” He was overjoyed to see the hosts, his grandma, and millions of other people happy.
The video’s original version has been watched by more than 5 million viewers, and the band Gregory Brothers turned it into an original song titled “It’s Corn.”
The group that produces the music as well as Tariq, along with his wife and family members, will split the profits made by people streaming the track.
In the year that Tariq, along with his entire family, traveled on vacation to South Dakota, Governor Kristi Noem declared Corn Kid the official state’s corn-bassador. The Corn Kid is the state’s “official corn-bassador.”

Noem announced on the announcement on September 3 “Official Corn-bassador Tariq Day” in his statement. The statement stated, “South Dakota is one of the biggest corn-producing states in the nation. It is a source of food for people around the globe, but is particularly seven-year-old Tariq who has just discovered that corn is actually grown.”

Jessica Tariq’s mother, Jessica, discovered that her son’s video had gone viral after her cousins in Europe sent her a text that included a video and asked “Isn’t the video Tariq?

On the 13th of September, Tariq attended The Drew Barrymore Show, which is a talk-show hosted by Drew Barrymore. He and host Drew Barrymore had corn-flavored meals.

Corn is back thanks to an adorable kid who drew everyone’s interest on the internet by telling how much he enjoys the food.

If you’re using TikTok and you’ve noticed an overwhelming amount of content on corn, here’s the reason. It’s the “Corn Kid” meme is about a boy who is named Tariq. If you’ve not already watched his enthralling, short, and sweet interview on corn (and other things, too).

Why do so many people talk (and sing) about corn?

Who Is Corn Kid

The first time I noticed content related to corn came to my attention in the latter part of August, when I was browsing over my TikTok “For You” page and came across a number of videos featuring the same soundtrack. The song was a catchy tune uploaded via one of the TikTok accounts named @schmoyoho.

The music is based on an interview with the online show Recess Therapy, which asks youngsters questions. In the interview, which was released in August and was recorded by Julian Shapiro Barnum, a child named Tariq speaks with great passion about corn as he sits near to microphone.

His front tooth has been removed and he’s wearing a t-shirt featuring double-decker bus images on the front. While interviewing, he has an unfinished corn-on-the-cob in his hands and take a bite or two from it.

Shapiro-Barnum inquires about what the corn of his dreams is. “A big lump with knobs,” the man states. Tariq claims that corn shouldn’t cost more than $1. He wishes everyone an “corntastic” day.

When this song was written, @schmoyoho’s rendition to the tune had ten million followers. People rate the lyrics as well as jam out to display Corn Kid tribute art in the over 1 million videos featuring the song. There are also versions in the musical theater style or punk. There’s also emo and punk. The actor and musician Kevin Bacon joined in on the trend with an excellent version of the Corn Kid song.

You can buy a clip from The Corn Kid on Cameo for $220. The Corn Kid has appeared in an advertisement for Chipotle. He is sometimes referred to as “the CEO of corn.”

South Dakota made Corn Kid its official “corn-bassador” at the beginning of the month. There is no one had ever more qualified for the job like you.

What’s the name of the corn kid?

Tariq has spoken often about corn, but we have no information about the child who began the viral meme.

He loves playing games such as hide-and-seek and tag whenever he’s not saying humorous things about corn.

Tariq states in Recess Therapythat “I play a lot of different games, but I never play lava monster.”

What can I do to watch an interview with Corn Kid starting from the beginning?

Who Is Corn Kid

If you’re familiar with the song and would like to view Tariq’s interview with him from the beginning of August, you can access it via the YouTube channel of Recess Therapy.

Julian Shapiro Barnum, who hosts his show Recess Therapy, tells us about his first day of camp.

The month of July was when Julian Shapiro Barnum went up to a little boy in the Brooklyn park. He was the host on the cult web-based program Recess Therapy said to the 7-year-old “Nice corn on the cob.”

You’ve probably already guessed the next thing that happened. Many refer to Tariq “Corn Kid” because the comedian went on and on about his most-loved yellow food. The video was a viral hit due to its infectious enthusiasm and funny puns, that made corn the food that all other vegetables wished to be.

“I mean, look at this,” says Tariq, pointing to the cob of corn that has been eaten half way. “I can’t think of anything more beautiful.”

Corn Kid was able to get an abundance of support on the internet in a short time. In august, Tariq was interviewed by Recess Therapy. Since that time the interview has been watched by more than 3.4 million viewers have viewed it on YouTube (a posting on TikTok has gained over 23 million views.) More than 716, 000 TikTok videos, and counting, feature an entertaining song versions of this interview.

I ask Shapiro Barnum on Zoom if he would have brought it up, and he replies, “I don’t know.” But that’s what he was prepared to discuss.

Since the show was introduced to online in the year 2021 various Recess Therapy clips have gone viral. (You might have interacted online with a boy known as Dillon who is obsessed with the komodo dragons.) The show’s creator, Shapiro-Barnum, who is 23 years old was not expecting that Tariq’s story would become so well-known.

The child’s genuine appreciation for the meal was a warm welcome to all even the most spoiled. South Dakota made Tariq its “corn-bassador,” and actor Kevin Bacon played an acoustic guitar version of the tune. People continue to pay homage to Corn Kid by dressing in fun costumes, creating amazing chalk art, and creating the cobs themselves.

It’s enjoyable to be able and also, in some strange way, therapeutic to see people find such satisfaction in something as simple as this.

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Julian Shapiro Barnum, who manages Recess Therapy

The Instagram account of Recess Therapy boasts 2.4 million followers, and is filled with funny and cute interviews with children. (Shapiro-Barnum claims that he would like to speak to children between 7 and 4 however it’s evident that the adults will be more fascinated by Corn Kid.) When it comes to Recess Therapy videos, kids are talking about all kinds of subjects including the environment, Halloween to dinosaurs.

“It’s like a fun, feel-good, scrappy interview programme where my buddies and I walk about Brooklyn, New York, and occasionally other areas, to see what the youth there are thinking and talking about,” Shapiro-Barnum has stated.

On Zoom Shapiro-Barnum is happy and joyful about what he is doing. “I think he had just gotten his corn,” Shapiro-Barnum tells me about Tariq when he discusses their meeting. “He was feeling it.” When I ask him what other was Recess Therapy Corn Kid fans should look out for I am shown Miles as well as Sloane.

“We usually ask almost everyone who walks by,” the doctor says, adding the fact that Recess Therapy videos are made by an entire team of people, not just him.

Shapiro-Barnum states “A lot of people say no.” “And you don’t know what you’ll receive. I’m always surprised and amused by what kids have to say.”

At a food festival held located in the Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, he filmed an interview with Tariq. The grandma of Tariq is the woman in the video. She is laughing to her other side of the camera.

The show lasted less than 15 minutes in the midst of their conversation. We’ve already seen the initial two. I asked Shapiro Barnum for extra tracks, but he replied that the best ones are already available.

Shapiro-Barnum doesn’t know why Corn Kid has become so well-known. “It’s a matter of luck what the Internet finds,” the author says. However, his response to corn appears real, it’s likely to help.

Shapiro-Barnum writes, “It’s really nice and, in a weird way, cathartic to see someone find so much joy in something so simple.” “I believe it’s difficult to find positive things and things that can make you feel good nowadays. There are many “uplifting content,” to quote and unquote, seems like it’s been imposed on me.”

Shapiro-Barnum has spoken to Tariq twice. In the second one there is an event that will stand in his memory. Tariq speaks more about his favourite snack that is lumpy, corn, and also has an “corn swordfight” with Shapiro-Barnum.

Shapiro-Barnum admits “It was so gross.” Both were eating and smacking the corn “The kernels, as well as other items were scattered all over the place. It was a great time. He’s very entertaining.”

Shapiro-Barnum states that, despite the fact that Tariq isn’t on the air, the experience has been “really fun” for the corn-loving child.

Seven-year-old Tariq was adamant about the reasons the reasons why he loved corn, he quickly became one among the most talked about kids on the internet.

In the clip, shared via Instagram on August 4, by the children’s show “Recess Therapy,” Tariq called corn a “big lump with knobs” and added, “I can’t think of anything more beautiful.” Then he smiled and encouraged the people to “have a corntastic day.”

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The world quickly became enthralled by Tariq’s enthusiasm as well as his humorous comments on the vegetable. The video was made extremely viral on Instagram and currently has over more than 27 million viewers across “Recess Therapy’s” page.

The track then became extremely well-known on TikTok and was used in over 900,000 videos.

Tariq is now an internet guru. He has been interviewed by US talk shows and news channels and has even had the chance to film and meet Mr. Beast, the most well-known YouTuber across the US. The family of the actor also set up an account on a temporary basis on Cameo, which is a site where celebrities can send personalized messages to their fans at a cost. The prices start as low as $145, as well as the cameo account was created for the actor.

To top it off, to top it all off, South Dakota is the only state in South Dakota that gave Tariq the title of “Corn-bassador.”

“Recess Therapy,” the show’s creator, Julian Shapiro-Barnum, revealed to Insider that he had a conversation with Tariq during the filming of interviews in Brooklyn, New York, for his show, which is about asking children about what they think about various issues.

He was unaware that his questions could aid in helping Tariq to become so famous quickly.

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