Where is Killer Vegas Bray now, killer of Victor Saucedo?

Vegas Bray

Where is Killer Vegas Bray now, killer of Victor Saucedo?

Vegas Bray, a former Navy mechanic from California who fell in love with her ex-boyfriend Victor Saucedo, is the subject of the Investigation Discovery television program “Deadly Women: Cling ‘Til Death.”

After he split with the woman, Vegas started following him and destroying his property until he started to worry about his own life. When Vegas killed him in October 2012 his fears came true.

The story reveals how police found her in their investigation. If you’d like to know more about this particular case We’ve got your back. Who is Vegas Bray, anyway? Let’s discover.

What is Vegas Bray Do?

Vegas Batallya Bray was born in 1988 and raised in San Diego, California. She was beautiful and smart girl who was famous for her manner of treating people. Although she came from a broken family and was without any father figures, she did not allowed those issues to affect her grades. At high school she scored straight A’s. When she finished high school and was accepted into the Army recruited her to be mechanics to the Navy. She was there when she was introduced to Victor C. Saucedo, who was a fellow Navy soldier who worked on the Destroyer ship located in Southern California. They became lovers quickly and their relationship grew in a rapid pace.

In April 2011, the couple were in a relationship. They were a good match due to their dark side. However, their relationship was not without problems due to the fact that Vegas was unhappy and resentful when Victor was talking with his ex-girlfriend, who was also his mother. child. In 2012, they both quit the Navy. Victor attended an institution in the area to earn income for the son of his. Vegas found an offer to be waitress at a cocktail bar in an upscale club. At that point, Victor had stopped being friends with Vegas on Facebook, had blocked her calls and had stopped visiting her.

Although they broke up, they remained close to the other time over the next 10 or so months. Authorities and other witnesses claim that this was the point at which Vegas went missing. She began watching Victor around and was caught doing things like cutting the tires of his vehicle, throwing bottles through the window, spreading peanut butter all over his doors, and other vandalism-related acts. Even the fact that Victor confessed to police about these things numerous times however, nobody was accused or arrested.

The week prior to when the crime was committed, Vegas stated that Victor tried to get with her and even offered to let her lease an apartment at the California complex. In the following days, police discovered disturbing notes as well as an agenda on her device. In the bucket list she noted that she was planning to purchase guns to murder Victor and then beat him repeatedly again. On the 15th of October 2012 Vegas was invited to her home and had a drink together. Vegas was looking for breakfast in the morning , after they had a sex. Victor did not want to have breakfast this was their final step.

She was reported to be ashamed which is why the two of them, along with her younger brother Santiago who was with them, spent the day waiting in front of the DMV. On the 16th of October 2012, at around 3 p.m. Victor’s neighbors claim to have seen her strolling to the Victor’s home and heard a flurry of shots. She killed Victor nine times using hollow-point bullets fired from a gun which killed him. Afterwards, she called 911 herself.

Where is Killer Vegas Bray now?

Where is Killer Vegas Bray now

Vegas was brought in to be questioned, but she admitted that she had been unable to speak and did not know what happened. A psychiatrist advised her she was depressed and suffered from PTSD due to having been repeatedly sexually abused for a lengthy period of time. On April 24 in 2013, she was accused of killing Victor and was before an official judge. However, after somebody lost their minds in court the judge ordered an evaluation of psychiatry. After nearly three years of therapy, the judge declared that she was prepared to go on trial.

The trial began on October 15th in 2015. On her behalf, she claimed that on the day of her trial on October 12, 2012 she suffered from “posttraumatic stress disorder and other mental disorders.” However, the jury found her guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to the sentence of 50 years in prison on January 8 the 8th of January, 2016. In April of 2017 she appealed against the ruling and was subsequently denied. The court records state that Vegas aged 34 years old is being held in Central California Women’s Facility. Central California Women’s Facility. According to the prison records of her, Vegas will be able to leave the prison by the end of October in 2036.

Vegas Bray was born in 1988, however she didn’t know her father. She was raised within San Diego. Despite the hardships in her home life, she performed excellent during high school. Vegas was gorgeous, earned excellent grades, made many friends, and was regarded as an “good girl” who never ever used negative words. So, no one of her classmates could have imagined that she’d one day befriend an ex-boyfriend and shoot him one day after they bonded and were sexually active.

Vegas became a military officer when she finished high school. She was employed in an Navy machine shop in which she came across Victor Saucedo, who was working on the Destroyer ship. “He was a damage control man,” Victor’s friend explained to “Snapped.” The friend said, “That implies that he was the first person on board the ship to help if something broke, there was a fire, or a ship got struck by a missile, or anything like that.”

He also had Navy acquaintances in the bachelor house and was constantly with women. Victor dated numerous women, according to one of his pals.It’s difficult to hold his attention for long.”

Victor was discharged from to join the Navy in 2012 in order to be closer with his four-year-old son, who he was with a former partner. Victor was determined to be a part of the family of his son, even the fact that his son’s mom discovered she was pregnant shortly after the breakup. To better look after the son he had, he began taking courses at the local university.

Vegas was also bored of the Navy lifestyle, so she asked for an early discharge and resigned from the Navy. However, she had not done any work in the civilian world and therefore had no professional qualifications.

She was offered a position as a waitress at an upscale strip club because she was gorgeous and had lots of curves.

Vegas and Victor were friends from the start. They began getting closer, and were dating by the end of March. The other friends of theirs were thrilled for their relationship.

“Victor had a kind of sarcastic humor, and she had the same kind,” told Victor’s friend.

A friend from Vegas stated, “They were always together So I thought, ‘Oh I think this guy might be the perfect match for her. ‘”

However, on the 16th of October the 16th of October, Vegas was able to find Victor deceased in his hallway just outside his bathroom. In the hallway of his apartment there was a puddle of blood. Vegas dialed 911 and informed the operator that he’d been shot. He stated, “Miss, I don’t know. “I don’t know what happened.” She also told police that she saw an unloaded gun on the floor.

“Snapped” was told by an officer of the police that Vegas claimed that “he shot himself, that it was a suicide.”

When officers and EMTs arrived, they discovered something odd.

Victor was repeatedly shot His body was filled with holes. The victim was shot in the chest, head and hand. The DA stated that the injury on his hand “consistent with him holding up his hand to protect himself from being shot.”

Six or five shots fired at a rapid pace There was a break, the next four shot were fired. Because the revolver was able to accommodate six rounds, somebody was likely to have loaded it again. There was a large amount of ammunition in the box and it was risky. They utilised hollow-point ammo, which harms victims more than ordinary ammunition, according to the DA.

Vegas was the only one present at the scene, which is why she was brought to the station to explain what had happened. Initial, the investigation was straightforward. Vegas said to the police she had met Victor during her time in the Navy and that they were close friends for a long time. They finally met and things were good until Victor separated from her in the middle of the night.

“He erased me as a friend, like, he unfriended me on Facebook, and he didn’t even, none of this happened in person or anything, he just stopped,” Vegas said during the interview.” “Yeah we spoke over the phone and then on Facebook after which I drove to visit him, because I thought”What’s up? ‘”

Although Vegas was angry about their split, the couple kept in touch occasionally for the rest of the 10 months. Victor eventually told Vegas that he didn’t really want to be in a relationship, despite the fact that Vegas was hoping for more. Vegas felt used.

On March 12, a anniversary since Victor and Vegas were officially married, Vegas went to his home, threw eggs on his car and cut his tires. “I blew out a couple of his tyres. I popped two and then I believe it was during March I pop another followed by another and two more.” she said to the police.

Victor tried to settle things and improve the relationship between the two. Vegas claimed they had discussed that Victor had offered to sign the lease for a brand new residence a week prior to the shooting. Vegas visited to discuss his proposal, and, when he did start drinking, they began to drink with each other. And they continued drinking. The next night, they went to bed together.

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