ROCK SOLID Watch Khabib Nurmagomedov get better of ex-UFC champ Luke Rockhold in training despite huge 30lb weight disadvantage

watch khabib rockhold training weight

LUKE ROCKHOLD knows all too well Khabib Nurmagomedov’s incredible strength. The former UFC champion was unable to keep up with him in training.

Khabib (33), retired with a perfect 29.0, after having dominated the lightweight division for almost a decade.

watch khabib rockhold training weight
Khabib showed off his immense grappling skills in training against middleweight Rockhold.
watch khabib rockhold training weight
After declaring that he wants to ‘hug him,’ the Russian superstar temporarily loses his opponent.
watch khabib rockhold training weight
Rockhold is pinned to the floor by Khabib.
watch khabib rockhold training weight
Khabib, who is known for his incredible strength and groundwork, has submitted 11 of his 29 professional MMA opponents.

Khabib’s pro victories have all been through submission, and he is known for his exceptional ground skills.

And by wrestling with former UFC middleweight Rockhold, he demonstrated that his enormous strength had gotten him nowhere.

During a friendly training session, the two are trapped in a clinch, with Khabib on top of his much bigger opponent.

The two weight classes separate the fighters. In his last fight, the 37-year old Californian competed at 205lbs.

Luke says, “Don’t get too comfortable Khabib.” Don’t get too comfortable.”

The Russian replies, “I just miss you, I embrace you.”

Rockhold seems to be exerting extraordinary effort in trying to get rid of the Russian from his body.

As he attempts to free himself, the American exhales a big breath. He does eventually manage to escape, but only temporarily.


Khabib is quick to get on him and, after grasping Rockhold’s legs again, manages drag him down onto the octagon canvas.

The Russian star, after dominating his man, said: “If sambo were easy… It would be called Luke Rockhold.”

“Ask Luke about what happened today.”

Rockhold joked that the Russian fighter had gained 50lbs since he last wore his gloves 18 months ago.

He was full of praise for Khabib’s wrestling abilities. Khabib even managed to defeat Deron Winn, a freestyle wrestler in another viral video.

“This is the number one bull ****,” Rockhold stated.

“He catches you in a bodylock. When you put him in the side position, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

“Check out the [footage of Khabib Vs Winn], as Deron couldn’t stand for two rounds straight.

Rockhold fought his last fight in the UFC on July 2019. Jan Blachowicz was defeated by Rockhold via KO at UFC 239

He appears to be ready for his long-awaited return against Paulo Costa on August 28.

As for Khabib , he is apparently happy in retirement. He has no plans to return Dana White’s promotion.

White said that Khabib was one of the most outstanding athletes to have ever competed in professional sports.

“No one has ever demolished their opponents like Khabib, and to go unbeaten as the lightweight champion and the finest pound-for-pound athlete in the world is a remarkable accomplishment.”

watch khabib rockhold training weight

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