UP Bride Slaps Groom Twice on Stage – Watch Viral Video

UP Bride Slaps Groom

Since the wedding season is at its peak right now amusing and enjoyable wedding videos are gaining popularity often. But not every wedding can be joyful, especially when the couple are in conflict. In one video that is quite shocking the bride who is a little up slaps her groom Twice in the audience just prior to the jaimala ceremony. This was recorded on film.

UP Bride Slaps Groom

In a strange incident an unlucky woman hit her husband, who was twice, not once, but twice in front of the stage as trying to garlands the bride with floral arrangements. The incident occurred on a Saturday night within Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh district of Hamirpur in which hundreds of people were gathered to celebrate a wedding.

The wedding’s setting is fully set in the viral clip, and the celebrations are taking place in full force between the guests. The groom begins to tie a garland around the bride, but the bride suddenly hit him twice on the back of his head. The confetti cannon exploded off in front of guests, the second punch was delivered. Just after hitting the groom’s front, she ran out of the venue.

The man stood still in front of his guests stunned. Then it was confirmed to be Reena who was getting married to Ravikant Ahirwar, a native of Jalaun district’s Chamari village. The groom was identified as Ravikant. After a few days the wedding was held after local police and relatives took over to ensure that the wedding under control.

UP The Bride Slams the Groom Twice on the stage

Wedding videos are everywhere on the internet today. While certain brides have become famous due to their grand wedding entrances, a bride of Uttar Pradesh has caught social media attention after taking off from the stage during the ceremony. In a clip that has become viral, a woman is seen striking the bride during the wedding ceremony before storming off and leaving everyone stunned.

According to reports, the footage was shot in Swasa village, which is located in Hamirpur. The couple is seen standing on stage, with guests, getting ready for the wedding ceremony called varmala. The groom is smacked across the face when he’s about to give the bride a the garland. When someone throws confetti in the direction of the groom then she smacks him one again. The guests and groom are stunned as she walks away from the stage.

Although she was bejeweled and in her wedding lehenga and sashayed off stage to leave her husband and the guests in shock. When the man tried to garlands his new bride, she reacted by hitting him in the face, which caused him to tumble to the ground. Then, not once but twice the confetti cannon exploded off to prepare for the ceremony to garland the bride that took place that moment.

UP Bride Slaps Groom Viral Video

According to various reports the bride was later identified as Reena she was engaged to marry Ravikant Ahirwar at the incident. The wedding ceremony was held just a few minutes later, when local police along with family members intervened in order to bring the incident under control.

The panchayat’s uncle said that they too were taken aback by bride’s behavior and that they were “haunted by the spirits” due to her actions.

As per her relatives members, she was supposed to be removed from her varmala. This resulted in a tragic situation, as a media outlet was reported. Since the time, the bride has expressed her sadness to the groom’s family as well as his.

Because of the virality of the video and popularity, it has received a number of positive comments from people on social media worldwide. Although some found amusing, others believed that the bride shouldn’t have hit the groom’s face. One person stated, “She was very wrong in her judgement.”

 “If that’s the case, she should sue her parents for forcing her to marry them,” she says.

 Another said, “It’s an embarrassment to have done this.” The woman should be prosecuted for the humiliation she caused and for assault, among other things. “Throughout the day, an adult should speak boldly and with conviction,” says the viewer.

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