Top 10 Most Inspirational Movies of All Time


Top 10 Most Inspirational Movies of All Time –

1. Forrest Gump

It’s an amazing film. After watching this film, I learned a lot of good lessons. Forrest gump tells the story of a normal man who is never fails to be content with what God has bestowed to him. He is a straightforward gentle, honest, and generous man who is never discouraged and will never do not give up. The film has enlightened my character from the top down. bottom it’s a holy book that gives strength, determination and determination to all the people who watch it.
The kind of stories that are only published once every decade.
I salute the great work of the writer, director and producer, not to forget the last but not least actor tom hanks , who keep alive the carrector.This is the ultimate film that I enjoy the most and I watch the often.
Anyone who is yet to watch. the ones that are really bad.The best film and the best work on scree , from beginning to an outrence.I don’t often am emotional or teary over a single film. However, Forrest Gump has proved me wrong. While his story is fiction, the moral message I’ve seen in the film is not meaningful. It’s just a thrill of sadness and happiness in the film, a theme that I have not seen in the movies of today.I’m very happy that this is the number one. My all-time favorite film. It’s so amazing that I could continue to talk about it for hours. But it’s truly amazing and the most renowned actor ever Tom Hanks delivers the most impressive performance of his career.

Awe-inspiring. After watching this film you’ll be able to gain a wealth of knowledge and it will help you appreciate your life more. It’s impossible to describe the movie enough… The best film ever, for me!

2. The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption is a inspiring film that affects people including me. The most important thing is that it does not give the subject matter in a simple way, it forces us to think about the world in a different way in contrast to other movies that are boring and cliché, this film tells an important story that all human beings sometimes don’t realize. The film will remains the greatest film I’ve ever seen and it may not be nominated for one Oscar however it’ll be in our hearts for ever.

Nothing is more inspiring than breaking the rules that are not working and utilizing the pain and suffering to break out of the prison that everyone seems to be able to.
Are you aware of the reason this film is still the top-rated film in the field of filmmaking? because in our minds, there is a voice that whispers constantly: “There is no greater goal that freedom’. Be busy living or else, get busy dying!

Andy Dufresne is a young and successful banker, whose life drastically changes when he’s found guilty of murder and sent to life prison to be convicted of the murders of his wife as well as lover. In the 1940’s, the film depicts the way Andy along with the assistance of his companion Red the prison entrepreneur, emerges to be an extremely unusual prisoner.

Some Awesome quotes
“Get busy livin, or get busy dyin”
“Fear imprisons you, but optimism can set you free.”
Most importantly, you cannot deny the acting talents that is Tim Robbins and Andy Freeman.. You’ll never regret watching this film.

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3. The Pursuit of Happyness

I prefer this movie ahead of Forrest Gump and the Shawshank Redemption forthe reason that, even though the latter is truly inspiring, but none or the ones below even come close, at the least those I’ve seen. A man who’s faced with so many major real life issues and still fights with all his strength is inspiring and gives optimism. One of the greatest things about this film is the fact it’s based on real incidents. Absolutely outstanding work.

One of the most motivating movies I’ve ever seen. For me, this film has to be one of those films which you can watch repeatedly from beginning to finish and keep getting the same experience that you did the first time you watched it. It’s one of those movies that you can watch several times and never get tired of. It’s a must see It’s worth every minute you’ll spend watching it.

A very motivating film. It is a great way to learn about the faith and confidence in us. The world has its bad and good phase, but we must be able to manage it. Life has two sides to each phase, negative and positive ways of coping with the life’s events will reveal everything. 🙂 Patience, believe in yourself, and a positive attitude The film includes all three.
I loved the film very much. I enjoyed the role of father and son. Both of them are my favorite one.

Recently, I watched this film on recommendation of my colleagues who works in accenture. So I believe this is the most inspirational films I’ve have ever seen. It’s a great way to learn a lot of information that can transform my life.

4. Rocky

If you haven’t seen this film might think the film is about boxing, and all…However I assure you that it’s greater than Boxing. It’s about relationships with other people. It’s about keeping moving forward in life. One of the films that you can take away many things. You must watch…

“I watch these movies at least once a year since they are among the best; if you want to be inspired, this is the place to be. I’d never seen somebody strive so hard or put so much passion into something until I saw this. It demonstrates how important it is to never give up and to keep trying.” just keep on going.”

A classic american classic. A film that conveys the essence and awe of human nature! Never back down, never give up!

One of the best films of all time and one of the most inspiring. This film is extremely inspiring. After watching this film, I was feeling really prepared to take on the world.

5. 3 Idiots

It is a must-see. It’s hilarious and inspirational and romantic. The emotion that this film conveys is incredibly comforting. It will make you laugh, be sad and also think. Consider your future and past as well as your friends and your choices. It is one of the best conversations ever “The heart is very innocent, fool it every time you think something is not right. Place your palm on your heart and tell it, “All is Well,” and you will get the ability to deal with the majority of your life’s troubles.”

Really Awesome should be watched as an inspiring movie… It tells the story of three students, who are also close friends. A nice line from the movie ” Don’t go beyond the success go beyond excellence success will definitely come behind you”.

It is a big message that will be “LEARN TO KNOW”
Students study to ensure that they are able to take the test and be successful in getting an occupation and make money while living a nice lifestyle, but that’s not what they want.
This movie is definitely worthy of to be within the top 10 list and I encourage everyone who hasn’t seen it to go and watch it.

The most inspirational films I’ve ever seen, it’s a film that combines good will hunter, in many times of hardship, I’ve been thinking that “all is well” and it has always kept me optimistic The movie encourages people to push the boundaries of the normative social expectations as well as live your life to the fullest of their abilities.

6. The Blind Side

The film inspires families across the globe to show their friends, neighbors even strangers at the very least, they have meaning to you! This film is truly inspirational for me! Everyone can change the world!

Excellent film.. This film shows us how to you should let the work of yourself. Everyone has a hero in them. The just need to let it out. Find the hero in you.

I was awed by how Sandra Bullock portrayed her rule. She is perfect for. This film makes me want to let go of my dreams.

It’s a lovely and well-known film that you should watch every night to give you the great motivation.

7. Braveheart

Braveheart is an absolute masterpiece, with incredible heart, an amazing soundtrack and intense battle scenes an emotional love story and may be the most inspirational film ever. William Wallace carries his countryfolk towards freedom due to the attraction of a woman. In the nightmarish dream William isn’t averse to fighting, but he wants to remain within the dreams with his spouse. He is told by his wife to look up which he does, and it increases his determination. His actions motivate those around him to initiate own initiative and stand up against England together with Bruce, the nobleman Bruce. This film will be a massive obstacle for other filmmakers to defeat this war film.

This film actually suits me very well. It’s about adherence to your beliefs. It doesn’t need necessarily be relevant to current affairs in order to connect to our lives today. It’s the meaning behind the story that’s the main driving force. Don’t think he’s fighting for his country. Imagine that he’s fighting for your family or family members. He’s fighting for the freedom of all he believes in. Human race, in all its diversity are all entitled to enjoy.

What is the reason you can’t put this film on your Top 10 Inspirational films list because you have a warrior similar to William Wallace Defending his country against a larger nation like England however Wallace was in a position to give England the victory of time when the Scottish struggled for their freedom.

Let’s face it, the film is fantastic however, is it also inspiring? If not, and your country is not being sacked at the moment it is difficult to find nothing to connect with the story for motivation.

8. Remember the Titans

It’s not like that this is the top on the list since it has Pursuit of Happyness sitting there. In the world of sport it is one of one of the most inspiring sports you’ll ever witness and should be among the top five. The film is amazing. At the end of the film, if did not cry it’s not a human being. It’s a real tale! :”D :”D

I am in love with this film. It is a lesson in morality and the importance of being with one another, regardless of our differences.

It was watched three times, and was again inspired.

One of the most inspirational film…

9. The Return of the King (The Lord of the Rings)

Personally, I think this is by far the most inspiring film ever made. It is the stories that are woven such as this that really touch the heart. The tale that follows Samwise as well as Frodo is heartbreaking. The themes of love, friendship heroics, bravery, good against. evil and the possibility of hope in the face of despair are simply amazing.

The proof of the fact that it doesn’t matter what size you are when two young hobbits who are only three feet tall prove to all the earth that they don’t bow to one by dismantling the one ring , and freeing the world of middle earth from the forces of sauron and the orcs. this , and the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy as well as the Hobbit are truly amazing.

Friends who did not swear put their lives on the line for the good of the world, even when they were defeated. It showcases the best of individuals, and is undoubtedly one of the best films ever created.

Wonderful film with amazing Christian aspects and concepts. Peter Jackson did a wonderful job in adapting J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel! This is one of my favorites!

10. 127 Hours

I was bored and needed to see a film that would motivate me for the coming new year. I searched for the most inspirational movies and found this site featuring this film at 10th place. I began watching it, waiting for the man to be stuck and when it does, in the middle of nowhere, I imagine how I’d shed tears in the event that I were to be hit several times in the ribs. This man however , had to cut off his hand and a small part from his arm! I could be going on but that’s the way I feel, but this 127 hours of agonizing suffering for Aron is something I will never have the strength to endure it. He deserved to live.

The real story is based! Awe-inspiring! …! I absolutely loved this film.. This film teaches many things.

It’s about patience. making the right choice!

My personal favorite film ever. It’s got a powerful message that there is no force stronger than the determination to live. It’s really excellent

This is the most inspirational film I’ve ever seen, besides 300. Aron Ralston became my hero after I watched the film.


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