How Did Tilly Brampton Die? Obituary, Tilly Brampton Liberty Flames Field Hockey Coach Died

Tilly Brampton Die

How Did Tilly Brampton Die? Obituary, Tilly Brampton Liberty Flames Field Hockey Coach Died

The Liberty Flames field hockey community is mourning the sudden passing of Tilly Brampton. The popular player was known for her role as an assistant head coach as well as being the former Burgress Hill School team captain. According to news reports, Tilly Brampton died on the 19th of October, 2022 on Wednesday. Who has confirmed Tilly Brampton’s death? According to the source, the information was shared on behalf of Liberty Field Hockey on social media. What happened to Tilly Brampton before she passed away and what caused her death? 

How Did Tilly Brampton Die?

As we mentioned earlier, Liberty Field Hockey pronounced Tilly Brampton dead via an announcement via social media. However, the statement from Liberty Field Hockey did not give the reason for her sudden death. Look over the statement made to Liberty Field Hockey.

“The Liberty Field Hockey family mourns the loss of our members.” Tilly Brampton was a pioneer in the program, and remained on staff until During Tilly Brampton’s time at LUFH, she was instrumental in helping the organization gain national recognition through winning two NorPoc championships as well as being selected for the NCAA tournament twice. Her legacy continues to propel the program ahead today. Our prayers and hearts go out to all those who were a part of her. We miss the memory of you Tilly Brampton”

Tilly Brampton Die

Tilly Brampton Liberty Flames Obituary

She lived in Sussex, England, where she played for the South of England U-16, U-18, and U-21 after playing field hockey at Burgress Hill School as the captain. Tilly Brampton was also a player with Staines Hockey Club in the National League and won two titles.

Then she joined Boston College, where she played 18 games in 2010 . She was able to finish the season with a goal and an assist. Then she was able to coach at a variety of levels, including schools and teams in England. Then she began her career as a physical education instructor, certified by the governing body.

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