Tennessee Fan girl Loses Her Shirt viral video – Alabama Game leaked Video

Tennessee Fan girl Loses Her Shirt

Tennessee Fan girl Loses Her Shirt viral video – Alabama Game leaked Video

At an Alabama game, a Tennessee fan loses her shirt. Tennessee defeated Alabama 52-49 on the weekend in a game between two of the top three SEC teams in the country. Expectations for this match were high prior to the game and both teams did more than they could have.

In the end, the Vols finished with fewer points than their Crimson Tide counterparts. They left everything on the playing field over this past weekend. In a viral video, a very excited Tennessee fan caused a firestorm on the internet when she booed for the team so loudly that her shirt flew off.

Tennessee fan loses her shirt in viral video

Female Tennessee Fans’ Experiments with Wardrobe Problems on Live TV While watching a game vs. Alabama Tennessee Volunteers fans came out in number today to show their support for their team in the battle against the team that is the No. 3-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide.

The College GameDay crew in attendance the fans have been in high spirits all morning. As soon as the two teams started their games later in the day, their enthusiasm was no longer contained…And from this video, neither could the breasts of a woman Tennessee fan.

Tennessee Fan girl Loses Her Shirt

As she jumped around and down to celebrate a huge win by the No. 6 ranked team in the country, one female player was caught on camera during an unplanned wardrobe issue.

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