Story Of Bajaj – A Global Brand With An Indian Heart

Story Of Bajaj - A Global Brand With An Indian Heart

The name ‘Hamara’ Bajaj’ brings back memories and there’s no one in India who’s not heard of this. It is believed that the Bajaj Group was found by Jamnalal Bajaj in 1926 and has interests in many sectors like steel and iron as well as finance, travel, insurance , and home appliances However, Bajaj Auto clearly remains the most significant and most loved of the bunch, which is truly a globally recognized brand.

Story Of Bajaj – A Global Brand With An Indian Heart

Story Of Bajaj - A Global Brand With An Indian Heart


Bajaj auto was founded in 1945, and first exported and sold three and two wheelers across the country. Over the next decade it began manufacturing the same thing and was granted the license from Piaggio to manufacture Vespa scooters. The company was listed on the stock exchange in the year 1960. With the advent of motorcycles in 1985, they attempted to alter its image in order to be a brand with two wheels with a reputation.

One ad that did effectively in establishing the brand’s name into the minds of everyone and in the minds of people is the famous “Buland Bharat ki Buland Tasweer advertisement from 1989. At the time, Bajaj enjoyed monopoly but they also knew that the monopoly could not last. In order to make the most of any time they could, Bajaj utilized the idea of creating national pride. This fended from competition for a few years. It was the “Chetak” was bought into the market and was advertised as a symbol of pride for the Indian household. The product, however, was a disaster which was a shame since the Bajaj was only just beginning on the road to decline.

The Fall

Story Of Bajaj - A Global Brand With An Indian Heart

The following decade proved be a challenge to Bajaj Auto, mainly owing to the growing competition. The debut of the Hero Honda Activa featuring an electric starting feature caused Bajaj to stop manufacturing of Chetak. However, in order to adapt to competition , it came up with Kristal. But, the two-wheeler didn’t work in the end and Bajaj Auto exited the two-wheeler segment in the year 2009.

The Re-Rise

Then, the change in position. The turn of the century saw its iconic anthem Hamara Bajaj relaunched under the year 2001 in a brand new version. The true success came the form of ‘Pulsar’ which was introduced in 2001 in two variations150 and 180 cc. They were a huge success and by the year 2011, the market share of Bajaj Auto had risen to 27 percent.

But, Bajaj has always been facing stiff competition from other brands. This is the second time it came Japanese huge Honda. However, then Bajaj came out and this time it was on an international scale.

Story Of Bajaj - A Global Brand With An Indian Heart

Going Global

Following Pulsar’s success Pulsar, Bajaj realised it could be a good fit for international markets as well. The company which started by imports of two wheelers has now begun exporting the two wheelers. In 2007 Bajaj sold nearly as many Pulsars in Columbia as it did in India. Bajaj was already the leading market player in Indonesia and the three-wheeler market. They also positioned themselves as a well-known and top-quality brand. They also set the first showrooms with exclusive amenities, and within the nation of Indonesia, too.

In the same way, Chinese bikes were giving the toughest competition in the market Bajaj bicycles across Nigeria. African Nation of Nigeria. To combat this, Bajaj Auto launched its famous “Boxer “at 25percent more cost, yet it claimed to be more efficient in fuel usage. This strategy was not just was it successful in Nigeria however, but also in Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bangladesh and Columbia.

Bajaj is one Indian brand that always inspires feelings of pride for the nation. It is evident in the latest campaign it has launched. The campaign, titled “Hum se hai Yeh Jahan” the most adored Indian has always been a rising star and fought through difficult periods with speed and resilience.

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