Shanti Ek Aurat Ki Kahani Doordarshan 90’S TV Serial

Shanti Ek Aurat Ki Kahani Doordarshan 90’S TV Serial

This was back when dish TV was not popular in many homes. Only the Doordarshan channel could be viewed at that time. Doordarshan was the first channel to broadcast serials. However, a serial would only air once a week, and only for half an hour. So, the next part of a serial’s story was a wait of a week. Doordarshan and no serial producer were willing to take the risks of having the show air daily on TV. Doordarshan tried to make a soap every day in 1994 and it was a success. However, the risk was also increased by not watching it at prime time (i.e. Between 8-10 pm. The reason was obvious. Doordarshan wanted to target a large audience of housewives. The plot of this serial was also determined by the interest of the women. Doordarshan’s prediction was eventually correct and the first Indian daily soap became a big hit.

The first Indian daily soap was “Shanti Ek Aurat Ki Kahani”, which was broadcast on Indian television’s national channel. Its broadcast started in 1994 on Doordarshan national channel, during the afternoon. It was then re-telecast later on the Star Plus channel. Mandira Bedi, an actress, was cast as the lead. The soap’s compelling story gained it much popularity and earned it the status of a classic category.

Story of Shanti -Ek Aurat ki Kahani tv series

Shanti, who is a female journalist, centers the story of this serial. Kamesh Mahadevan and Raj Ji, two owners of a large and famous production house in  Bollywood

Shanti visits their residence (Shanti Mansion) to write their biographies Both are not only producers but writers and directors. This grand Shanti Mansion conceals a dark secret. Hidden within the walls of that grand Shanti Mansion. Every person has a past. Shanti discovers this all when she visits Shanti Mansion. She is told by a servant the story of Raj Singh and Mahadevan. becoming king.

Shanti  arrives at Shanti Mansion. The past of the house begins to emerge one by one. Ramesh Mahadevan (Kamesh Mahadevan) is a mentally ill son. His younger son Somesh, a director in Bollywood, is also struggling. He takes one of his scripts everywhere but no one is interested in it. Somesh’s father, himself a producer, even rejects it. Kamesh is also disowned by his wife Ayesha who is a producer’s daughter. Kamesh Mahadevan adopted Nidhi, who turns out to be Kamesh’s, illegitimate baby.

Raj J. Singh’s wife is on the other side and goes to the ashram with the saints, sages, and others. Raj’s youngest son, Nihal, comes back from America with Michelle, his girlfriend. He introduces Michelle to the world as his wife. Raj’s eldest daughter Maya suffers from depression after she visits her mother at the ashram. Rohan is her oldest son and is constantly in the throes with girls. Rohan pressures Maya into marriage. He threatens the modeling star that if she does NOT marry him, he will ruin her career by making their relationship public to the media.

However, in Shanti Mansion, all these developments keep happening in the presence of Shanti. The interesting thing here is that Shanti also has a dark past of its own associated with this Shanti Mansion. Kamesh Mahadevan and Raj G. J. Shanti’s past is that her mother was a laborer and worked there when Shanti Mansion was built. During this, both had raped Shanti’s mother. Finally, in a nutshell, it can be said that in this serial, Shanti is a facilitator through which Kamesh and Raj Ji. J. The entire past of Singh and his family are presented interestingly.

Highlights of serial Shanti: Ek Aurat ki Kahani

“Shanti – Ek Aurat Ki Kahani”, in a nutshell, brought a revolution to Indian television’s history. The serial was telecast successfully and television became more popular. A television serial maker also discovered a way to make the story about a woman central and successful, thanks to the success of this story. Mandira and all other actors contributed to the success of this serial. They acted strong which is still a common memory.

Shanti serial Cast

  • Mandira Bedi as Shanti
  • Mohini Sharma as Tulsi
  • Rajesh Tailang as Manu
  • Amit Behl as Vijay
  • Anup Soni as Shekhar
  • Yatin Karyekar as Kamesh Mahadevan
  • Jyotsna Karyekar as Maa
  • Vijay Aidasani as Somesh Mahadevan
  • Sumukhi Pendse as Ayesha Mahadevan
  • Iravati Harshe as Nidhi Mahadevan[4]
  • Richa Ahuja as Nidhi Mahadevan
  • Aman Verma as Sanjay (Bollywood Actor)
  • Amar Talwar as Raj ‘G.J.’ Singh
  • Anita Kanwal as Indu Singh
  • Sanjeev Kapadia as Nihaal
  • Sukanya Kulkarni as Maya
  • Salim Fatehi Rohan Singh
  • Jitu Shastri as Ramesh Mahadevan
  • Amikev Singh as Sasha
  • Ashwini Kalsekar as Sasha
  • Sunil Shende as Bhandari/Bhai
Shanti – Ek Aurat
GenreSerial drama
Directed byAdi Pocha
StarringSee below
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes780
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeApprox. 24 minutes
Production companyUTV Software Communications
Original networkDD National
Picture format480i

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