Shaelyn Yang’s Death, Commissioner says the RCMP officer who was violently stabbed in Burnaby worked in mental health and “died bravely.”

Shaelyn Yang's Death

Shaelyn Yang’s Death, Commissioner says the RCMP officer who was violently stabbed in Burnaby worked in mental health and “died bravely.”

Shaelyn Yang’s Death

The 31-year-old RCMP officer killed by a gunman in Burnaby, British Columbia, was described as “kind and sensitive” by her superiors. Const. Shaelyn Yang “died valiantly” following a confrontation in an unsheltered camp, per RCMP deputy commissioner Dwayne McDonald on Tuesday. According to McDonald, the officer was on the site working with a bylaw enforcement officer at the time she was fatally wounded. The suspect, he says, was shot and injured and is currently being treated in a hospital. Yang was an outreach officer for mental health in the RCMP for three years, according to McDonald, who refers to Yang as a loving wife as well as a daughter and sister.

Yang’s dedication to her community and the words she spoke to the Chief of Staff Graham De La Gorgendiere will not be forgotten. Yang’s demise was described as a heartbreaking tragedy by the Solicitor General, Mike Farnworth, as the facts of the incident were revealed as tragic.

Farnworth claimed that Yang “sacrificed her life in the course of duty.” However, he did not have any other information regarding Yang’s death. The terrified Farnworth stated that it’s “absolutely a tragic and horrific situation.” He expressed his sincere condolences to the police personnel in British Columbia on behalf of the members in the legislative chambers. In this province, thousands of people in uniform are asked to do their duties every day in order to keep the public and our towns safe, despite the fact that they are fully aware that this is a very dangerous job.

Shaelyn Yang's Death

Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley said in a statement that they were devastated to learn of the loss of the police officer. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends, along with colleagues, RCMP members, and civilian personnel in this difficult time. I am sure our city employees and the general public will be affected by this tragedy. Do not hesitate to seek assistance if you require it. Our team will remain closely with the RCMP to provide the best assistance that we are able to. ” The Metro Vancouver Transit Police Department tweeted, “Outrage builds as we break our hearts.” Metro Vancouver Transit Police Department tweeted “outrage increases as heartbreaks.”

“Our officers worked closely with her and she will be deeply missed,” the statement read. The Federal Minister of Public Safety, Marco Mendicino, said he was shocked by Yang’s passing in the line of duty. The police departments from Vancouver to Ottawa were also mourning the loss via social media. In addition, the Independent Investigations Office of B.C. has confirmed that they have been assigned to an incident that involved police officers in Burnaby. However, it will not be able to confirm the stabbing, or whether it involved RCMP.

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