Sal Perez’s new blind girlfriend Jessi Palkovic: Who Is She, and Are They Still Dating?

Jessi Palkovic

Sal Peraz from Love Is Blind’s new girlfriend, Jessi Palkovic, seems to be planning to propose to her.

Salvador Perez and Mallory Zapata tried their best, but their relationship did not work out. Season 2 of Love is Blind: After the Altar showed that Salvador “Sal” Perez is happier than ever.

Jessica Palkovic (or Jessica, as she is affectionately known), is an artist known for her strong spirit and freedom. She is now a public figure, and she is the new girlfriend of the amateur musician.

We have all the information that you need to learn more about the couple, including their past, present situation, and future plans.

Who is Sal Perez’s girlfriend, Jessi Palkovic?

Sal Perez's new blind girlfriend Jessi Palkovic

People got to meet Sal’s new girlfriend, Jessica Palkovic, during the Netflix reunion. Sal thought about asking his girlfriend for marriage in the third episode.

Some Netflix users wondered if Love Is Blind’s second season would be as good as its first.

It was evident that Chicago-based performers were as fascinating to watch as the ones from Season 1.

Salvador Perez and Mallory Zapata got engaged after the Season 2 pods. After they left the pods, Mallory was not sure of her relationship with Sal. Jarrette Jones was also on the show with Mallory, but Jarrette Jones decided to not attend their wedding.

Sal and Jessi’s Love Is Blind: The Journey of Sal and Jessi

Sal claims that he met Jessi at a birthday party for Victoria’s younger sister and felt a stronger connection immediately.

Soon after they met, the 31-year-old fell in love with her due to her “firecracker” natural beauty. Sal said, “If Jessi is in the room, you can tell where she goes.”

She will make everyone happy, someone said. I have never encountered someone as generous than her. I’ve never had so much fun with anyone else.

Sal told Jessi that he was grateful for her reaching out personally to Mallory because it showed how much he cared about her.

Are Sal and Jessi still in a relationship?

Sal Perez's new blind girlfriend Jessi Palkovic

Sal told his family that Jessi was the one he wanted to propose to. He even owns a ring. We don’t know yet if the couple have done it.

It’s because they seem to have decided to keep their love a secret. They also don’t appear in each other’s social media feeds often.

They are still together because they share the same number of followers and tag their friends and family in posts. Sal’s stars were able to meet Jessi, and she and Sal returned to Chicago. Sal told his sisters Victoria and Daisy that he was considering getting engaged again.

His siblings heard him say, “It’s been easy for Jessi.” He said that she was wonderful. Jessi asked me a lot of questions about how it would feel to be her bride. It’s been a great experience to have deep, meaningful conversations with Jessi, but it has made me question if it is worth the risk.

Learn more about Jessi Palkovic’s job and wealth.

In September 2022, 15,000 people signed up to be the American model Jessi Palkovic. Her career has been great, and, according to, she is worth approximately $600,000. This is due to her work as an artist.

Jessi is also well known for her role in the TV special Love Is Blind. In which Sal spent most of his time making Jessi feel at home, Jessi was also a part of that three-part TV series.

Mallory was indeed there. He went to see his ex-girlfriend once to check on her, but he left after his current girlfriend requested a one-on-one to ensure there wasn’t any bad blood.

Sal told Jessi that he was grateful to Mallory for reaching out to him personally.

According to her friend, she said that they listen well to each other when we discuss any topic, even difficult topics. I feel heard and that we are working together. Simply put, she makes life much more interesting.

Jessi Plakovic is on Instagram

Jessi Palkovic is a TV star who is very active on social media, particularly Instagram. She used the Instagram account @jessicapalkovic. You can now see her amazing photos that received more than 1,000 likes and comments.

She called herself “blankbarbie” on her Instagram timeline. This could be used to describe someone who is extremely full of themselves. She has posted 325 times so far and 4,827 people have followed her. Because of her beauty, she mostly posted photos of herself modeling.

Salvador Perez and Mallory Zapata tried to make their relationship work, but it didn’t work out. The second season of Love is Blind: After the Altar showed that Perez is happier than ever.

It was obvious that the problem was Jessica Palkovic (a public judge, artist, and girlfriend of the new musician). Palkovic excels at her job, and she has a great spirit.

We have all the details you need to learn more about the couple, including their history, current situation, and future plans.

Sal and Jessi’s Love Is Blind Journey

Sal’s story from the Netflix series is that he met Jessi at a party for Victoria, his younger sister. The two felt an almost immediate connection and bonded. They began dating shortly after, and Jessi fell in love almost instantly with her because of her beauty and “firecracker” personality. Sal stated that Jessi, “if she’s in the room, you know it’s her.” She is a smiler, and everyone will be happy to see her. She is the most pleasant person I’ve ever known, and I can honestly tell you that we have had more fun together than with any other person.

Jessi answered the question, “I like Sal’s honesty and openness.” This was a clear indication that their relationship was real. He is a good friend of mine. He is a close friend of mine. Do you see what I mean? She makes everything more fun.

These statements were generally true throughout the entire episode. This was because Sal was only interested in Jessi feeling comfortable, even though Mallory had been there. He did make a point of visiting his ex-fiancee and checking on her, but he stopped after his girlfriend suggested that they have a private conversation to ensure there wasn’t any bad blood. Sal was grateful to Jessi for reaching out personally to Mallory because it showed her care and he didn’t hesitate to tell her how much he loved it.

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