Robert Arrigo Die, Robert Arrigo Cause of Death Explained

Robert Arrigo die

Robert Arrigo Die, Robert Arrigo Cause of Death Explained

Robert Arrigo was a respected politician and a successful businessman. He founded numerous businesses including the Maltese tourism firm, Robert Arrigo and Sons Ltd.

Robert is also the Mayor of Sliem and also served as vice president of the Neptunes Waterpolo Club. Neptunes Waterpolo club. A list of Robert’s accomplishments and titles is endless. on.

The sad news broke through the news media this morning when it was revealed that the well-known Maltese politician and hotelier had passed away.

How did Robert Arrigo die?

For some time, Robert Arrigo had battled cancer. The doctor recently started chemotherapy as part of his treatment to improve his rapidly declining health.

Robert Arrigo die

Today, on October 18, the politician of a long tenure has given up his fight. He passed away at 67 and was survived by his wife, Marina, and two boys, Andrew and Alan.

In the months prior to his death, Arrigo had arranged for an event of charity in December to benefit an NGO fighting cancer. The event was planned to be a buffet-style dinner was rescheduled to commemorate the memory of the deceased sponsor.

In the meantime, support is pouring through from colleagues as well as his partners and family members across the globe to the family of Ariggo. A number of his colleagues have posted very thoughtful and empathetic tributes to Ariggo on social media as well.

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