Rapper Harricane G died of Cancer | Who Was Harricane G? Hurricane G cause of death and Tribute

Rapper Harricane G died

Rapper Harricane G died of Cancer | Who Was Harricane G? Hurricane G cause of death and Tribute

Hurricane G, an American rapper who became well-known in the 1990s, passed away earlier today. Continue reading to learn more about Hurricane G, also known as Gloria Rodriguez, her life and death, and what happened to her.

The former member of the Def Squad had a fine career spanning more than 25 years. Prior to her death this past weekend, she had recently been battling health problems. Fans are paying tribute and referring to it as a “sad day for hip-hop.”

Who Was Hurricane G?

The singer was born Gloria Rodriguez in Brooklyn, New York City, in 1970. Hurricane G was a well-known American artist of Puerto Rican descent. She gained fame during the mid-1990s after her appearance on the hit song by Redman in 1992, “Tonight’s da Night.”

Rapper Harricane G died

She followed it up with “Dare Is a Darkside,” another Redman song, and “At the Speed of Life,” a song she co-wrote with Xzibit. “All Woman,” her debut album, was a huge commercial success in 1997.

Billboard Magazine’s Hot Rap Singles listed her 1997 single “Somebody Else” at #10 and their Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart at #54. Over the course of a career that lasted more than 25 years, Hurricane G kept on singing and rapping in both English and Spanish.

Hurricane G Cause of Death

The cause of death from Hurricane G has not been disclosed as of yet. But her daughter did reveal that she was suffering from cancer. This past May, the daughter of Hurricane G, Lexus Sermon, disclosed her mother had been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Lexus stated, “My mother has stage 4 lung cancer.” “I’m not sure how many of you understand what that means, but I’m still trying to figure it out after thirty years.” I’ve never cried so much in my life. “Never in my life have I felt so detached from reality,” she said.

The person who recorded Hurricane G’s first album made a tribute to Hurricane on Sunday via her Facebook page, declaring that she was a “really funny person.”

“I have a ton of funny tales to share about working with Hurricane G on her album All Woman.

In my Ozone Park, Queens, apartment, we used a Tascam 388 to record the album, and I brought the entire reel-to-reel machine to 78/88 Studios to transfer the music onto 2-inch reels.

Gloria was a hilarious and kind woman, but you should stay away from her when she’s upset. Gloria and I argued while I was driving her home about why she did what she did, and Gloria told me straight up, “Domingo, that bi**h don’t fool me; she is a two-face.”

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What happened to the Rapper?

Hurricane G is a pioneering rapper who passed away on Sunday, and the hip-hop community has already begun to grieve. EPMD’s Erick Sermon has confirmed her death by posting a message of condolence on his Instagram page. The message reads:

Rapper Harricane G died

“My heart is breaking today. One of my dear friends… My daughter’s mother has passed away today. The #HURRICANEGLORIA also became an icon by herself within the hip-hop world, he added.

One of the first female Puerto Rican rappers She rapped with me. @redmangilla, she set the standard for me. @keithmurray @diddy was featured included in every hip-hop magazine alongside the best females of the time.. #stretchandbobito was a fan of the song she recorded known as “MILKY.” She will be missed across the globe, and he kept going.

I’m shocked by this. Please pray for us. Beautiful blessings. She was an amazing woman, and Mother was as genuine as they come. We love you G”

Tribute to Hurricane G

Tributes to Hurricane G after her passing at the age of 52. Numerous notable figures in the world of music have paid tribute to the rapper’s late death, along with thousands of people who follow her.

Funeral arrangement for Hurricane G are in the process at present. Her family has yet to release an official funeral obituary. We’re eagerly awaiting additional details about her death.

Keep an eye on us as we bring this section up to date later. Our hearts go out to her family and friends in these trying times. Let God grant the soul to rest peacefully.

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