Patrick Bornemann Died | Artist Patrick Bornemann Obituary?, Funerals

Patrick Bornemann Died

Patrick Bornemann Died | Artist Patrick Bornemann Obituary?, Funerals

Patrick Bornemann of Mill Valley, California, a legendary artist and studio owner, tragically and unexpectedly died on Wednesday, October 12, 2022. He left his family members, close relatives, and loved ones in complete devastation and sorrow. Friends and family members were devastated by the news that Patrick had died.

Patrick was born into a multi-cultural childhood and background that included Spain, France, Italy, Monaco, Germany, and Africa. The thing that has always inspired him most is color. He began his career in the cinema and TV industry as a set designer. He was then able to move into my work with murals and later into interior design.

He began to paint at 14 years old. He began painting when I was young, and I started putting an emphasis on my art about 22 years ago, after I relocated to Marin. He paints what he sees as I walk through the Bay region, which is incredibly stimulating for me. The variety and the change in colors and light during the course of the day are endless and I attempt to record and share with you.

This loss has devastated the family members, which is now grieving and sorrowing. We send our condolences as well as prayers to Patrick’s family. We heard about this sad incident through a post made by a few social media users. The following statements are a part of it;

At his residence in Mill Valley, California, Patrick Bornemann passed away suddenly on Wednesday morning. A funeral service for him will be held on the weekend of October 22nd at noon in the backyard of his home , 31 Bayview Terrace. There is no dress code; just bring your heart. If you are unable to attend, please take part in the stream live. We will provide an online link. We will collect messages and letters that will be cremated on the Monday following.

If you wish to share a message with Patrick and are unable to attend, please email them to his son, Louca, at It is difficult to contact everyone individually, so please share this with Patrick’s friends and do not hesitate to reach out to Louca via text at 415.847.3186. All are welcome to join.

How did Patrick die?

Many people who are worried, particularly those who are close to the family, are wondering what happened to Patrick and how his life ended. At the moment, we’re not able to determine or confirm Patrick‘s cause of death as the family hasn’t issued a statement detailing the specifics of his death. It appears that nothing can be learned until the family issues an official statement regarding the subject. As usual, the moment it’s confirmed and confirmed, we will continue to follow up and update the report.

Patrick Bornemann Died


As people commemorate Patrick’s life, there are tributes pouring in from all directions. As family and friends are remembering Patrick’s life on social media, the media is abuzz with tributes to Patrick. The deceased was remembered as being a generous, compassionate, selfless, and caring person. Patrick was an individual with many qualities, who had a heart of gold. It’s truly a shame that Patrick’s death left him behind.

Patrick’spassing will certainly leave a massive void. It may be a long time for a gap to be bridged between friends and family. Absolutely, the memories of Patrick’sdeath will be cherished for a lifetime.

Funerals and Burial Arrangements

Due to the numerous well-wishers who have offered their condolences with sincerity, Patrickfamily is receiving lots of emotional assistance. They’re praying for the soul of the deceased to find peace and offering condolences to his family in mourning.

The family will release an announcement regarding Patrick’s burial arrangements. Details on the obituary and funeral celebration will be announced by family members and friends at the right date. We’ll try to keep you updated on the events.

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