Update | Mitchell High School Shooting South Dakota, South Dakota High School Shooting Is Hoax

Mitchell High School Shooting

Update | Mitchell High School Shooting South Dakota, South Dakota High School Shooting Is Hoax

On Thursday, police were called to Mitchell High School after a phone call about shootings at the school. As officers approached the school, they discovered that the call was not a joke. A prank call was made by a person who led the police department to assign a unit to Mitchell High School on Thursday morning at around 9:28 a.m.

Mitchell High School Shooting South Dakota

According to police, the report was received at around 9:25 am, and within two minutes, officers were able to respond to the high school. The unidentified person claimed the number of students who had been killed in the vicinity of Mitchell High School was false. It is reported that the Mitchell Department of Public Safety has made it clear that the call was fake and that the officers have since gone on the defensive.

Mitchell High School Shooting

There was a report that several fake school shooting phone calls were received in South Dakota on Thursday. Schools where police were notified after an untrue phone call were located in Sioux Falls, Brandon Valley, and Brookings.

South Dakota High School Shooting Is Hoax

Following the prank after the prank call, the superintendent of Mitchell police, who was named Joe Graves, said that he could not be more pleased with the emergency staff that the district’s emergency plans for an active emergency worked swiftly. “Their response was incredible.”

In Sioux Falls, an officer of public information named Sam Clemens claimed that the person who made the call seemed to be from a different state. It’s hard to understand or know the intent.” It’s a case-by-case basis as to why a person is doing it. “

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