Serbian football manager Miodrag Jesic die | Who was Miodrag Jesic and Cause of Death Explained

Miodrag Jesic die

The former FC Partizan player and coach Miodrag Jesic died in a car crash.  Let’s take a closer look at how Serbian football manager Miodrag Jesic died, his cause of death, and the car crash incident.

Who was Miodrag Jesic?                                

Miodrag Jovic was a Serbian soccer player and coach. He was born in Oseenica and played for Partizan from 1974 to 1985, appearing in 342 games and scoring 81 goals in all competitions.

What happened to Miodrag Jesic die?

Miodrag Jesic, who was a former footballer and later became a football coach, died in a tragic car accident. A traffic accident killed the former Partizan head coach in the southern district of Srem, on the road between Ruma and Jarak.

Miodrag Jesic die

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Miodrag Jesic Cause of Death

Miodrag Jesic’s car “flew” under a truck, according to sources, and he died on the spot. There are currently no additional details available about the crash that killed Miodrag Jesic. However, medical personnel attempted to contact family members and friends in order to obtain their feedback on the incident.

At this point, no response has been received. As soon as we get full information, we will update the page. More details on Miodrag Jesic’s causes of death are expected to be available shortly.

Car crash incident

The accident happened in a rural location in Jarak village. Long lines of cars formed on the major road, diverting traffic. We found out that the driver of the truck, who was only harmed, told authorities that the driver “couldn’t avoid a Citroen that flew under.”

“The shocked driver told police that he observed the vehicle traveling late and that it was traveling in a zigzag style.” The driver’s use of alcohol was investigated. According to a source familiar with the inquiry, the investigation is presently continuing. Three kilometers from the spot of the tragic accident where Miodrag Jovic was killed, police shut down traffic at a turn-off on the highway to Sabac.

We have heard that the vehicle was towed toward Ruma. The area in which the crash occurred has been cleaned.

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Tribute for Miodrag Jesic

Many expressed their deep condolences to his family and told them how they loved and admired him. The news about this incident has upset his friends and his fans.

We wish him peace forever and offer our prayers and thoughts to the family members, his loved ones, and friends. We pray that he rests in peace.

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