Update | Michael Vaughan Missing Fruitland ID, 5-year-old Michael Monkey Vaughan Missing

Michael Vaughan Missing

Update | Michael Vaughan Missing Fruitland, ID, 5-year-old Michael Monkey Vaughan Missing

This letter is an appeal for your help to locate an unidentified child who disappeared at around 6:30 pm on the 27th of September 2021. This missing child is identified by the name of Michael Joseph Vaughan from Fruitland. The source says that Fruitland Police are looking for Michael Vaughan, also known as Monkey, for more than one year. The family of Michael Vaughan has serious concerns about his wellbeing. In the following sections, we’ve talked about Michael Vaughan’s appearance and appearance.

Michael Vaughan Missing Fruitland ID Appearance

According to reports, the missing boy was described as being five years old. of age. Michael Vaughan stands at 3 7 inches tall with a weight of about 50 pounds. His hair is blond and has blue eyes. Michael Vaughan was born on 24th June , 2016.

The Fruitland Police Chief JD Huff previously stated in a press conference that 5 year old Michael Vaughan’s disappearance likely to be an abduction. Michael Vaughan might have been abducted. “It requires a lot of effort and a lot of effort to capture every lead as they come into. At the end of my investigation, I’m hoping we’ll have the solutions. It’s essential that the case is well-organized and solid,”

Michael Joseph Vaughan Missing

Michael Vaughan’s parents filed an abduction report to officers who were from Fruitland Police. According to reports, Michael Vaughan’s abduction search took place one year ago and was conducted with an aggressive approach by officers. However, the status of Michael Joseph Vaughan is still missing. In the meantime, police are seeking help from the public to locate them.

Michael Vaughan Missing

A helpline number has been set up to anyone with information regarding Michael Vaughan missing is appealed to get in touch with to the Fruitland Police department. Please help locate the kid who is missing, since his relatives and family members are worried about the situation. This is a story in progress. More details will be added as they become available.

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