Murders of Megan Getrum and Molly Matheson: How Did They Die? Who murdered them?

Megan Getrum

Two brutal murders occurred in Texas in April 2017. They were committed just days apart. Megan Getrum and Molly Matheson were both found dead and raped. Police were able to determine that both crimes were committed by the same person.

“Dateline Wreckage” is an NBC News story that tells the story about the shocking investigation. It raises more questions as to how the killer got away with murder, even though he had previously been accused of sexual assaults. Let’s find out more.

Megan Getrum and Molly Matheson both died in different ways.

Molly Jane Matheson was a Florida native, but her family moved to Fort Worth, Texas, after she was born. After high school at Keller Timber Creek High School, she went on to college at the University of Arkansas. The 22-year old is reported to have moved back to Fort Worth after she dropped out of college in 2015. She lived in Fort Worth, Texas, and was a sales manager for a women’s clothing store.

Tracy, Molly’s mother, visited Molly on April 10, 2017 to check on her after the young woman failed to show up at work. Tracy discovered something horrible in her bathroom that day. Molly’s body was discovered under a running shower. The person who had attacked Molly and strangled her to death was trying to conceal the evidence. Molly’s death was ruled a murder.

Megan Leigh Getrum enjoyed hiking, camping, and traveling. On April 14, 2017, Megan Leigh Getrum, 36, went hiking at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, Texas. Megan was never seen alive again that night. On April 15, 2017, her body was discovered in Lake Roy Hubbard (Texas). Like Molly, she had been sexually abused. There were also signs that the victim had been strangled and hit the back of her head with something.

Megan Getrum and Molly Matheson were both killed. Who was it that did it?

Megan Getrum and Molly Matheson

Molly Matheson was the subject of a police investigation that looked into her messages and phone records to find any clues. According to records, she received a text message from Reginald Kimbro on April 9, 2017 at 10:26 p.m. He was arrested for questioning a few days after Molly was discovered. The police discovered that he had known Molly, 22 years old, since her Arkansas days. Molly and Reginald dated briefly, but eventually broke up. They remained in touch even after their split.

Reginald claimed that he had gone to Molly’s house that night and they began kissing. He said that Molly did not want to have sex and he left at 1:30 AM on April 10, 2017. She received a text message from Reginald at 2:59 AM, thanking her for the advice. However, she never received that text. It was obvious that the killer went to great lengths to hide his tracks at the scene. Molly was taken to the shower to remove any evidence. However, DNA was still on her body.

The police also found wet laundry in the apartment. The load contained two pairs of women’s and men’s running shorts, two sets of underwear for women, a fitted sheet, a pillowcase with a pillowcase, washcloths, towels, and a pair of underwear for men. Reginald claimed that he wore running pants on April 9th. The ones found at Molly’s apartment were believed to be his. Later, Reginald’s DNA was discovered to match that of the crime scene.

Megan, who had been sexually assaulted by Reginald, also had biological evidence taken. This match also found Reginald, which ties him to two sexual assaults and a murder. The police discovered that Reginald had repeatedly attacked women over the years. Reginald was a suspect in several sexual assaults in Texas in 2012 and 2014. Three women claimed that Reginald choked and raped three of them.

His sperm was detected in all three women in these cases, but he wasn’t arrested. According to authorities, in the 2012 case, his sperm was found on the woman. However, after the murder investigation began, the woman changed her mind. In January 2014, a woman was violated in Allen, Texas. However, the police didn’t realize that Reginald’s DNA was in the rape kits until February 2017. This was just over a month after Molly was murdered. Reginald’s ex-girlfriend said that he loved to strangle while sex would go too far without stopping.

Reginald agreed to a plea bargain in March 2022, just before his trial began. He admitted to the murders and four other sexual abuses as part of the plea deal. Reginald was sentenced to life imprisonment without any chance of parole. People were unhappy with the way the police dealt with the sexual assault cases. One woman claimed that Reginald didn’t believe her when he questioned her. Advocates for victims stated that Reginald could have stopped the murders if he had been arrested sooner, after his DNA matched that of the man who sexually assaulted a young girl in 2014.

Kimbro claimed he was guilty even before the trial began. He was able to avoid the death penalty.

Matheson and Getrum were killed within a matter of days. Both victims were known to have been a part of the same murderer’s past relationships. Megan, on the other hand, had never met Kimbro but was severely hurt while hiking near her Plano home. Both cases had the same DNA evidence linking the serial rapist with the murders.

They will discuss the tragic deaths of Megan Getrum and Molly Matheson on Friday’s episode of NBC Dateline. They will also discuss how Reginald Kimbro was caught and the end of his Texas campaign for sexual assault. It is called “Wreckage” and will air on the network at 9:00 p.m. ET on September 23, 2022.

What was Tracy Matheson? Molly’s mom, Molly, was concerned when her daughter didn’t show up for work on April 10, 2017. Even though her daughter lived in a garage apartment across the street, the worried mom called a friend.

Tracy visited Molly’s 22-year-old daughter’s house to make sure she was safe and to check on her car. Molly was not there when Tracy opened the door to find that it wasn’t locked. Tracy called Molly’s name and began to walk around the house. Tracy looked out at the backyard before going to the bathroom.

Megan Leigh Getrum loved to hike, camp, and explore new places. The 36-year old hiked in Plano’s Arbor Hills Nature Preserve on April 14, 2017. A week after Molly Matheson’s death, Reginald Kimbro assaulted Megan Getrum and strangled her while police investigated.

Megan was attacked while out walking at night in her neighborhood’s Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. Megan was last seen alive that evening. Her body was discovered on April 15, 2017 in Lake Roy Hubbard, Texas. She had been sexually assaulted, just like Molly. Signs that someone had been strangled, drowned, or hit the back of their head were all around. Reginald Kimbro was a serial killer who raped Molly Matheson (22, Fort Worth) and Megan Getrum (36, Plano). In 2017, he was found guilty of four sexual assaults and two murders. He is now incarcerated for life without the possibility of parole. Kimbro admitted to the crime before he was tried, and he was able to get a plea deal that prevented him from receiving the death penalty.

Matheson, Getrum, and their accomplices were killed within days of each other. Because they were friends, the killer knew who was killed in the past. Megan had never met Kimbro. She was hiking near her Plano home when she was attacked. Both cases involved DNA as the only link between the serial r*pist and the murders.

This Friday’s episode of NBC Dateline will examine the tragic and violent deaths of Megan Getrum and Molly Matheson. Also, NBC Dateline will show how Reginald Kimbro was finally captured by police and ended his sexual assaults in Texas. It is called “Wreckage” and will air on the network at 9 p.m. ET on September 23rd, 2022.

This article focuses on the details of the crime. Readers are advised to use their own judgement.

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Megan Getrum and Molly Matheson. What happened to them?

Molly Jane Matheson was a Florida native. Her family moved to Fort Worth after she was born. For high school, she attended Keller Timber Creek High School in Fort Worth. After that, she went on to the University of Arkansas. On the other hand, the 22-year old appears to have left school and returned to Fort Worth in 2015. She was a sales manager in a clothing store for women and lived close to Texas Christian University at the time of the incident.

Molly Matheson was found dead by her mother in their garage.

Tracy Matheson, Molly Matheson’s mom, was concerned when her daughter didn’t show up to work on April 10, 2017. The mom was so concerned that she called a friend living across the street from her Fort Worth garage apartment.

Tracy visited Molly’s 22-year-old daughter’s house to make sure she was safe and to check on her car. She noticed that Molly was not there and that the door was not locked. After calling Molly’s name, Tracy went to the backyard and used the bathroom. She then looked around the house looking for her.

Molly’s body was found in the second-floor bathroom. She was severely beaten and strangled. According to her mother, she said:

According to a government press release, the killer attempted to destroy the evidence after she killed her but left behind a series of clues.

Kimbro attempted to cover up the fact that she had been strangled and beaten, but he was able to wash her in the tub and put his underwear in a washing machine.

Reginald Kimbro was linked to the crime via DNA, cell phone records, and power usage. According to sources, Molly Matheson was a student at the University of Arkansas where she met Kimbro. They had a brief relationship. Kimbro told police that Matheson called her to her apartment the night prior, but he denied that he had killed her.

Megan Getrum, a 36-year-old Plano woman, was raped by Reginald Kimbro just a week after Molly Matheson’s death. Police were still investigating.

Getrum was walking in the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, near her home, when she was attacked. Kimbro was her first encounter. Her body was discovered in the lake by Ray Hubbard a few days later. Through DNA evidence, witness statements, and identification, detectives were able to connect Kimbro with the crime. He was found in the nature preserve’s parking lot at the time Getrum disappeared.

Kimbro was suspected in 2012 and 2014 of rape, but no charges were filed against him. This vital fact was only discovered by police when they began investigating the deaths of Megan Getrum and Molly Matheson. Soon, many of the serial r*pists’ victims spoke out and shared horrifying stories about how they were drugged, strangled, and r*ped.

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