Maja Dragic (Goran Dragic’s Wife) | Timeline of the Relationship and Cheating Speculation With His Personal Trainer

Maja Dragic

Maja Dragic is Goran Dragic’s spouse, and has a net worth of at least $1 million dollars. They have been in a nuptial partnership for approximately ten years.

Goran Dragic is a Slovenian basketball player, and she is her wife. Maja Dragic, an NBA player, is Goran Dragic’s wife.

Although she is most well-known for being Goran’s wife, she is actually employed at N1 Beograd, a Slovakian news station, as an anchor and producer.

He played pro basketball in Slovenia and Spain before joining the NBA in 2008. In 2008, he earned the nickname “The Dragon” from his peers.

The Slovenian-born professional player and the Slovenian-born professional player have been together for quite some time. Read the article to learn more about Maja, a Slovenian professional player.

Maja Dragic (Goran Dragic’s Wife): Cheating with a Personal Trainer

Rumours that Goran Dragic’s wife Maja Dragic had cheated on him with a personal coach have circulated, but they have since been disproven.

We don’t know what caused the vague rumors to circulate online, so we are not able to speculate. We are trying to find the cause of this problem.

It is not unusual to hear rumors even though they aren’t confirmed. They are often considered a formidable power couple.

As they exchanged vows, it seemed as though they were at a royal wedding. They had the royal look of a wedding in Slovenia.

Both were dressed in crowns during the wedding. The images became very popular after the publication of the wedding photos of the newlyweds online.

The couple became parents three months after their wedding to their first child, now aged three. Mateo, their child, is eight years old as of the date of this writing.

The couple welcomed their second child, Victoria Dragi (a daughter of the couple), into the world in 2015. This is a significant milestone. She will turn seven this year.

They designed and built their dream home in Slovenia, where they were raised. The purchase of their dream home took a lot of time.

Some stories claim that Goran spent considerable time looking for the perfect architecture before signing the contract to build the house.

Maja’s father built their three-bedroom home. They are thrilled to have their dream home.

Maja was interviewed by the NBA player and answered questions about her cooking skills.

NBA: Goran Dragic Maja Dragic’s Age Disparity

At this point, the age gap between Goran Dragic (his wife Maja Dragic) and Maja Dragic is not known. At this time, Maja’s birthday and exact age are not known.

She appears to be in her early thirties, despite being in her thirties. It has been confirmed by reliable sources so far, but it is not without doubt.

The NBA player is 35 years old and will be celebrating his 36th birthday on the 6th of May. He was only 35 at the time.

We will keep you informed if we find any additional information about Maja’s possible peculiarities.

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Maja Dragic’s Net Worth and Salary

Maja Dragic’s net worth and salary have not been revealed at this time. However, we believe that Maja Dragic must have amassed substantial wealth during her career.

According to her Twitter profile, she is an anchor and producer. According to reports, N1 Beograd is a service provider for Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Montenegro.

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