Madeline Wise (So Help Me Todd Cast): Biography, Dating Life, Parents, Career And More Details

Madeline Wise

Todd’s siblings Allison and Lawrence, who are both Todd’s, continue to find themselves in the middle of Todd and Margaret’s dispute. Allison is a follower of her mother’s good occupation.

Madeline Wise’s Biography

Madeline Smart, So Assist me He’s 32 years Outdated Now, Todd.

According to her Instagram post, Madeline Wise was born March 1, 1990 in Brooklyn and currently resides there. She is 32 years old.

Smart attended lessons in the New York area, but she was also a student at the New York Harbor Faculty. After completing her research at Bard Faculty, New York (Bachelor in Arts), she received a Bachelor’s of Arts diploma. She also pursued a performing diploma at the London Faculty of Musical and Dramatic Arts.

Smart was at the London Faculty of Musical and Dramatic Arts when she received a diploma as a performer.

The reps of her are located in New York at Bret Adams, and Los Angeles at Perception.

Madeline Wise, Profession

Madeline Wise

Madeline Wise‘s performing credits list includes some well-known faces.

Smart was a guest star in the television shows Star Trek: Picard (produced and produced by Paramount) as well as Curb Your Enthusiasm, (produced and produced by HBO).

Madeline Wise was featured in several episodes of the third season’s Crashing, which was created by Pete Holmes and Judd Ampatow. It airs on HBO. Holmes wrote the screenplay and produced it, but he also stars in the mission. This gives an insight into the world of stand-up comedy.

Smart was a dynamic metropolis woman with the ability to inspire Pete to pursue his dreams. Smart’s work in the play “Cute Activist” which she performed at the Bushwick Starr theatre in Brooklyn has been praised by critics.

She also worked in the Adam Goldman comedy on-line series titled No matter What This Is. She has performed in a variety of shows, including Winnie Holzman’s Selection, Charlie Reeves’ The Peacekeepers and The Outs.

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Madeline Wise stars as Allison Grant in TV Collection “So Assist me Todd”

Madeline Wise

Astin plays Todd. He is a loner and a skilled but aimless personal investigator. He agrees to serve as an investigator in the home of Joan Davis, his mother, who is an outstanding lawyer still reeling from her divorce.

Allison, the diplomat sister to Todd (Astin), can also be a successful emergency division trauma surgeon. She is determined to foster unity between Todd (Astin) and Joan (Davis), their dominant mom.

Allison takes on almost all household chores, while her brothers are unable to. Chuck is her husband. He or she is bodily engaged but dumb and is aware that Chuck is cognitively impaired. Joan created a life for her that is so unhappy that she is about to destroy everything Joan worked so hard to create for her.

The drama centers on the unique relationship between the mother and her son, but other family members are also concerned. Allison Grant is a similar story.

Madeline Wise: Dad and mother Particulars

Madeline’s Instagram post clearly shows that her father takes extra precautions to protect his daughter. Her father was also visible in the Instagram post. It can be seen that he is keeping a close eye on Madeline to ensure that she does not lose her balance and fall out of her chair.

In the caption, she stated that while I may be grateful for many things, the thing I am most grateful for is keeping me from falling off the chair.

She also shared photos with her father at the occasion of his birthday. She wrote, “Pleased Birthday to my feminist dad, who has dedicated his entire life to supporting girls, and who spent the weekend driving clown cars full of women to #womensmarch. I wish you could enjoy an unforgettable day celebrating his life. I have the deepest love for him. I am aware that my position on this photo is awkward.

Madeline might be close with her sister as well. Madeline also has a sister. She also regularly posts photos of her niece, who is presumed to be her sister, along with other things.

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Madeline Wise: The Courting of Life

Madeline is very private about her personal life. In all the public places she has attended, Madeline has never spoken out about her relationship. It is clear from her Instagram that she is focusing more of her attention on her professional life.

There is no information available about her past romantic ventures.

Madeline Wise Price

Most people don’t know how much Madeline Wise has in her bank account. It’s easy to see that Madeline Wise‘s wealth has increased significantly due to her acting career. As a result of her role in the film Crashing, the actress is quickly rising in fame and financial success. In the meantime, she is likely to be working on several motion pictures and tv shows.


Who plays Allison Grant in So Assist Me Todd.

Madeline Wise portrays Allison Grant in So Assist Me Todd.

What is Madeline Wise‘s nationality?

Madeline Wise is American.

Is Madeline Wise out of date?

Madeline Wise is currently 32 years old.

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