Lucy Simon Died | Lucy Simon Cause Of Death and Obituary

Lucy Simon Died

Lucy Simon Died | Lucy Simon Cause Of Death and Obituary

Carly Simon is a singer and songwriter. Her twins, Lucy and Joanna, died this week, just one day apart.

Joanna died from thyroid cancer on the night of October 19 at Manhattan Hospital, Lucy took her last breath on the night of October 20 at her home located in Piedmont, New York, at the age of 82. Lucy’s family spokesperson said she passed away after a lengthy fight with lung cancer.

Lucy Simon is well-known for her music for musicals such as The Secret Garden and Doctor Zhivago. Joanna Simon was famous for her performances in operas and concerts from 1962 until 1986. Their brother Peter, a photographer, passed away in the year 2018, four years after his sister’s death.

How did Lucy Simon die?

According to the reports, Lucy had breast cancer for a lengthy period that eventually led to her passing away. But, she wasn’t in a hospital at the time of her death.

Joanna Simon, former star of the opera, died of thyroid cancer at Manhattan Hospital. It is not known exactly the date she was admitted for treatment, as Lucy and Joanna did not discuss their health concerns with anyone else, and their medical information is not available at the moment.

Carly Simon also had a brother, Peter Simon, who passed away from cardiac arrest in the year of 2018. Peter Simon, too, was struggling with cancer at the time of his death in the year 70.

Lucy Simon Professional Career and Albums

Lucy Simon began her career by singing along alongside her sister, Carly Simon, as the Simon Sisters, later known as folk-rock. Simon’s “Wynken, Blynken, and Nod” was recorded by a variety of artists , including those from the Doobie Brothers, Mitzie Collins, and The Big Three. In the mid-1970s, after a couple of attempts, Lucy recorded two records on the RCA label.

Lucy Simon Died

Lucy’s debut album, self-titled, was more folk-rock-oriented, whereas her second album, Stolen Time, had a modern pop sound. Carly Simon and James Taylor were the vocalists backing some of the tracks from “Stolen Time.”

In the year 1981, Simon earned a Grammy Award, together with the help of her partner David Levine, in the Best Recording for Children category for In Harmony: A Sesame Street Record. In 1983, Simon was awarded the award again in the same award category, with In Harmony 2nd.

A gift from Lucy Simon was made to the Off-Broadway production of Mama and Her Boys. Lucy also wrote songs for the musical rendition of the Russian story Doctor Zhivago, with lyrics by Michael Korie and Amy Powers and book author Michael Weller.

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