Louis Prescott Car Accident Dorchester County Death, 69-year-old Died in Two Cars Collision

Louis Prescott Car Accident

 Louis Prescott Car Accident Dorchester County Death, 69-year-old Died in Two Cars Collision

One of the victims in the Dorchester County car crash has been known by the name Louis Prescott. According to reports, two cars were involved in a collision that occurred along US Highway 78 in Dorchester County. Officials quickly were on the scene on Highway 78 where two automobiles struck each other around 12pm. It’s also evident that Louis Prescott’s death was related to the injuries he suffered in the collision. What were the causes of the incident? Find out in the next section.

Louis Prescott Car Accident Dorchester County

According to the report, Louis Prescott’s car accident was reported to have occurred on Tuesday, October 11th, 2022. The authorities said that they sent emergency assistance to the site of the crash when they realized that there was a need for urgent aid for one man who had suffered fatal injuries.

Louis Prescott Car Accident

Police have not provided any other information on the collision. We’re still investigating the incident. According to the report, the person who was killed was a 69-year-old man living in Cross, South Carolina. Unfortunately, this is all the information we have about Louis Prescott at this moment. Officials have only disclosed his name as the perpetrator. Other details about the personal life of Louis Prescott are still unknown.

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