Kim Jung Gi dead and obituary, South Korean cartoonist and illustrator – cause of death

Kim Jung Gi dead

Kim Jung Gi dead and obituary, South Korean cartoonist and illustrator – cause of death

It is with a heavy heart that we mourn the loss of Kim Jung Gi who was among the most famous creators, illustrators, and artists of our age.

Jung Gi was known for his stunning illustrations and paintings that frequently featured breathtaking perspectives and amazing detail. He frequently collaborated with Hyun Jin Kim, who founded the studio of art KiKiGon.

Jung Gi’s work is exhibited throughout the world and included in books, magazines, as well as other publications. Jung Gi was also awarded numerous prizes, which included the highly coveted Grand Prize at the Leipzig Book Fair in 2006.

In a statement via the social networks, Hyun Jin Kim said: “After doing so much for us, you’re able to take your brushes off.” Thank you, Jung Gi.”

Kim Jung GI Cause of Death Explained

Kim Jung Gi, a well-known Korean writer and artist died at 47 years old. Gi passed away due to an cardiac attack on October 4, just days before his scheduled for a trip to at the New York Comic Con as an exhibitor in the Artist’s Alley.

Kim Jung Gi dead

Kim Jung Gi was well-known for his lively and intricate illustrations. His artwork was displayed in galleries across the globe. Before his death Kim Jung Gi was a participant in an exhibition at a gallery in Paris.

In an announcement in a statement, in a statement, the Daniel Maghen Gallery in Paris declared: “We are speechless [after hearing about Gi’s passingin Paris]. The sudden loss of Gi contrasts the joy we felt when he died.”

Gi’s friend and collaborator Hyun Jin Kim also took on social media to announce his passing, writing: “We regret to notify you of the unexpected passing of Kim Jung Gi,” the statement reads. Gi leaves behind a body of work that his followers will cherish and remember for a very long time.

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