Ken Smith Kissimmee Teacher and Advocate Died At 79, Former Mayor Ken Smith Obituary and Cause of Death

Ken Smith Kissimmee

We are devastated to inform you that a veteran educator and the president of Osceola County’s Education Foundation, Ken Smith, died on the 8th of October 2022. Ken Smith is best known for his roles as Kissimmee mayor and Osceola County Commission chairman. After Ken Smith was pronounced dead, many were keen to know the reasons that caused him to pass away. According to reports, Ken Smith died at the age of 79 following a long fight with an illness.

Ken Smith Kissimmee School Teacher and Advocate Dies At 79

Ken Smith is best known for being one of three modern-day leaders of his period who was chairman of both Kissimmee’s mayor as well as the Osceola County Commission chairman. Two other mayors included Jim Swan and Frank Attkisson. Ken’s death announcement was made just a few weeks following Jim Swan’s passing. In the case of the third, Fran Attkisson died in 2017 after a motorbike crash.

Following the death of Ken, the head of the Education Foundation, Kerry Avery declared, “He was an amazing man, a mentor, and a good friend to everyone I know.”

“I became acquainted with him for a period of 20 years. The man was a humble official in the public sector and always took time for conversations with anyone, adults and children alike. A man with integrity was among the most incredible people I’ve ever met. “

Ken Smith Kissimmee

An earlier Ken Smith Mayor Ken Smith Obituary

Ken Smith spent his childhood in Orange County and later began his career as a teacher at the school. From 1965 until 1978, he was an administrator at Osceola High School. Then he began working as an agent in the real estate industry. In 1993, he returned to work as a teacher at Poinciana High School.

Kerry added, “He was a wealth of knowledge about Osceola County government when I was running for office.” Later, after I was elected, he was an outstanding lawyer for the law. He was the perfect example of a community worker and made our community stronger. This is a real loss that we feel for our community. “

Our deepest sympathies are with Ken Smith’s family members, close friends and colleagues, as well as followers.

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