Kelsy Ully: Who Is She? Get to Know Jonathan Scott’s Former Wife

Kelsy Ully: Who Is She

Kelsy Ully: Who Is She? Get to Know Jonathan Scott’s Former Wife

Canadian TV persona as a builder and illusionist, as well as producer, Jonathan Scott.

Alongside the twin brothers of Andrew Alfred Scott, he is famous for hosting the show on television, Property Brothers. Buying and Selling as well as Property Brothers: At Home are just a few spin-offs of the show for which Jonathan is well known.

In the US, HGTV is where the shows are broadcast. Jonathan co-founded and also serves as executive producer for Scott Brothers Entertainment, a company that produces entertainment worldwide that is headed by him. The company produces TV-related films as well as web-based content for American and international broadcasters.

An instructional guidebook for house improvement, a novel written for children, and a book about building were all released through Scott Brothers. In the year 2020, they launched Reveal, a magazine that focused on their brand.

The famous Canadian and Kelsy Ully got married. However, their marriage was short-lived. three years after getting married and then deciding to end their relationship. Who is Jonathan’s ex-wife? What is her age? Find out now.

Who is Jonathan Scott’s ex-wife Kelsy Ully?

Kelsy Ully: Who Is She

When she entered into the union she had with Jonathan Scott, Kelsy Ully was employed as a crew scheduling specialist for the Canadian airline.

She is an internet star and a frequent traveler who hails from Canada and was the ex-wife of Jonathan. Scott first met Ully in 2002, while on a trip to work for a Canadian airline, where Kelsy was on assignment in crew scheduling.

Before getting married at the end of July 2007, the gorgeous couple had been together for a long time. Ully worked 2 jobs in Las Vegas when the pair moved to the city after their wedding. Jonathan stated that their wholesome relationship had been damaged by her work as a waitress in a club and model.

The couple struggled to get together as she was so focused on her work. As she was filming The Property Brothers, Jonathan was sad. The couple then agreed to end their marriage by mutual agreement.

After separating for a year, Jonathan and Kelsy separated. Kelsy and Jonathan divorced in 2010. The Property Brothers star dated Jacinta Kuznetsov, who was married to Kelsy, from 2016 until April 2018, when he split from Kelsy. After a while, it was revealed that he was dating American model Zooey Deschanel.

Following their meeting in the episode “Carpool Karaoke” in August 2019, the couple began dating. A week later, the actress informed her husband, Jacob Pechenik, that she and her husband had split up.

Is Jonathan Scott Older Than Kelsy Ully?

Jonathan Scott and Kelsy Ully have the same age bracket. Both are in their late 40s, and they’re not too different in terms of age.

They were no longer together in 2009. Although it was an insignificant relationship, it had a significant effect on Jonatha. Jonatha spoke extensively about it during the It Takes Two: Our Story memoir that he and his brother wrote in the year 2017.

When Ully began working as a server at the Las Vegas pool club, the TV personality wrote in her autobiography that the relationship began to decline. She worked all night, and had no time to spend with her spouse.

When Kelsy suddenly changed her status on Facebook from “wedded” to a blank status in the evening, Jonathan realized that things weren’t going as planned. The couple decided to file for divorce, possibly being the last nail.

However, ultimately, Jonathan discovered the value of love and life through a failed marriage. The most important thing that he’d learned, according to him, was that two people who were good could not be compatible.

Who is Jonathan Scott’s ex-wife, Kelsy Ully?

American model Kelsy Ully was born in 1988. We don’t know exactly when her birth date was. She’s around 32 years of age. Kelsy has been an American citizen and of mixed heritage. Her zodiac sign is Cancer. Kelsy was born in New York, a city located in America, the United States of America. Concerning her family tree, no information is available. She has a great education as she completed her studies at Mount Royal University with a bachelor’s degree. Jonathan Scott and Kelsy Ully made their vows on the night of Las Vegas. The couple got married in 2007. was married. In the same year, Kelsy had been employed at West Jet as a crew scheduler.

After their wedding They moved after their wedding to Las Vegas, where Kelsy was employed at two different jobs simultaneously. It is likely that her jobs kept her from getting enough time to spend time with her husband. Furthermore, it caused him to fall into depression while filming for his show, The Property Brothers. They decided to end their relationship when he was unable to manage it anymore. Then, in the end, after 3 years of living together, the couple split in 2013. She prefers not to be in the spotlight and isn’t on any social networks. Kelsy, however, makes a decent living by doing what she loves. However, Ully has kept the details of the case confidential.

Characteristics of Kelsy Ully

Kelsy Ully: Who Is She

American model Kelsy Ully was born in 1988. We don’t know exactly when the actress was born. She’s around 32 years of age. At 5 feet 5 inches, Kelsy Ully has a significant height. Ully is also 56 kilograms in weight.

A closer inspection of Kelsy’s look also shows that she’s maintained her body shape. Thus, she will require antioxidants as well as a diet low in calories. Additionally, she has a banana-shaped body.

Dark eyes with dark brown lenses and light golden hair are the hallmarks of Ully. Ully also has 34-26-38 inches of waist, chest, and hip measurements. In the US, she is wearing size 6 shoes.

Get to know Jonathan Scott as well as Kelsy Ully.

The year was Las Vegas. Jonathan Scott and Kelsy Ully were married in Las Vegas. The couple got married. The following year, Kelsy worked for WestJet as a crew scheduler. After their wedding, they moved to Las Vegas, where Kelsy had two jobs at the same time.

It’s likely that her work schedule prevented her from having time with her husband. Furthermore, it caused him to go through depression while filming for the Property Brothers.

They decided to end their relationship when Scott couldn’t manage it anymore. In the midst of three years of cohabitation and a separation in 2013, they split up. There were also rumors that she worked as a waitress before getting engaged to Scott.

In the end, Scott’s pride remained in her professional career and her relationship. As a result, their relationship could be over.

Jonathan has been involved in a serious way with Jacinta Kuznetsova for the past three years after his divorce. The relationship didn’t go the same way as the previous one.

In 2018, the couple got divorced in the year 2018. She’s putting her career first and hasn’t been in the news following her split from Scott, and he’s engaged to several women.

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Is Kelsy Ully the mother of the children Jonathan Scott has had?

When Kelsy Ully and Jonathan Scott were dating, they did not have kids. The television star has spoken about his desire to have a family prior to turning 45, however.

In an interview with People magazine, he stated that the goal was to have a family prior to turning 45. He also said that if he didn’t find the right partner and he was unable to find a suitable partner, he would consider adopting. He went on to explain what being a father might have meant for him.

Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott collectively. Scott enjoyed a wonderful birthday celebration planned by the actress. It was filled with delicious food, massages, escape rooms, and lots of friends and family.

Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott collectively. Scott enjoyed a wonderful birthday celebration planned by the actress, filled with delicious food, massages, escape rooms, and family and friends. Instagram is the main source.

He might not be an actual parent; however, he has adopted Zooey Deschanel’s adorable children, Elsie, 7, and Charlie, five, who share his life. As for his friendship with the actress, Scott has spoken about his experiences as the parent of two children.

On the stage on the set of Carpool Karaoke in August 2019, Jonathan and Zooey first met. The following weeks, there were rumors of a possible relationship. However, the couple did not reveal their relationship to the media until the end of October, 2019.

They officially made the Instagram accounts official and shared photos of their heartfelt holiday through Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Zooey’s ex-husband, Jacob Pechenik, is her father. two children.

Jonathan Silver Scott

Quick Facts:

Full NameJonathan Silver Scott
Birth DateApril 28, 1978
BirthplaceVancouver, Canada
Age44 years
ProfessionReality television personality, construction contractor, illusionist, television and film producer
ParentsJoanne Scott, Jim Scott
SiblingsDrew Scott, JD Scott
SpouseKelsy Ully (m. 2007–2013)
Music GroupScott Brothers


What was the fate of Jonathan Property Brothers? Property Brothers?

Jonathan is caught involved in the altercation , but does not have anything to do with the incident, as per Jonathan and a source near him. A bouncer puts Jonathan in a chokehold before taking him away from the establishment.

Is Zooey Deschanel with Jonathan Scott?

Zooey Deschanel, 42, as well as Jonathan Scott, 44, are preparing to start a new life together and are letting us in on the journey. After meeting during filming of the first episode of “Carpool Karaoke” in 2019, the “Elf” actor and the HGTV star revealed that they purchased the same house in June 2020.

Do Zooey and Jonathan have a child?

Zooey captioned a unique family picture of her son and daughter with film producer Jonathan during June. Zooey captioned a unique family picture of her son and daughter with film producer Jonathan during June. Zooey captioned a unique family picture of her son and daughter with film producer Jonathan during June. “So thankful my kids have these two awesome guys in their lives: @jonathanscott and their dad, @jacobpechenik,” Zooey captioned a unique family picture of her son and daughter with film producer Jonathan during June.

Which Jonathan Scott is his co-partner?

Kelsy Ully works with Jonathan Scott as his wife.

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