Kareem Are FSU Death: Kareem Are FSU Missing Found Dead | Kareem Are Florida, Kareem Are Obituary

Kareem Are FSU Death

Kareem Are FSU Death: Kareem Are FSU Missing Found Dead | Kareem Are Florida, Kareem Are Obituary

The hunt for Kareem’s missing came to a sad conclusion on Monday, October 10, 2022. Based on Georgia State Police, Kareem went missing from the Atlanta, Georgia area nearly one week earlier. A week later, his body was discovered dead in Atlanta. Kareem Are is an offensive lineman who played for Fort Scott Community College. Find out more about Kareem Are FSU in the next section.

Kareem Are FSU Death

On Monday, Georgia State Police located Kareem Are in the area of Atlanta. This information was obtained from an official source. In addition, numerous people have offered their respects to him via Twitter. We are waiting for official confirmation of Kareem Are’s passing.

Kareem Are FSU Death

Kareem was born on the 14th of March 1994. He passed away aged 28. According to reports, he went to Sewanhaka High School, where he graduated in 2012. After graduating , he began his studies at Florida State University (FSU) in 2014 and studied Social Science. Kareem is an offensive lineman at Fort Scott Community College in Fort Scott. However, he was ranked as the nation’s top. 1. JUCO offensive lineman, and the 37th overall JUCO player.

Kareem Are FSU Missing Found Dead

According to the source, Kareem was in the starting lineup for eight out of the 13 games he participated in in 2015 when the team scored a season-high mark of 83 percent. The team was ranked as No. 1 by Clemson. However, Kareem earned all-ACC third team (media) and all-ACC honorable mention (coaches). This is why he was seen by FSU as being one of the best newcomers of the year on offense. Additionally, he was recognized as the offensive Most Improved player in the spring of 2016.

It is shocking to learn of Kareem Are’s death following his going missing for just a week. It is evident that Kareem Are’s family, friends, team members, and family members are grieving. They’ll surely need time to digest this news. Our deepest condolences and our extended thoughts are sent to them.

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