Update | Kaleb Howard Missing Update, Kaleb Howard, Jaslyn Pearsey and Imani Pearsey Found In Texas

Kaleb Howard Missing

Update | Kaleb Howard Missing Update, Kaleb Howard, Jaslyn Pearsey and Imani Pearsey Found In Texas

Three people have been identified as missing. The missing trio were identified by the names of Kaleb Howard, Jaslyn Pearsey, and Imani Pearsey. According to accounts, Kaleb Howard is a 20-year-old man and Jaslyn Pearsey has been his girlfriend. Imani is Jaslyn’s sibling. The three disappeared on the 9th of October 2022. In addition, they disappeared while Kaleb Howard and his partner were on their way from Georgia towards Houston, Texas to drop off Jaslyn’s younger sister Imani. Learn more about them

Kaleb Howard Missing Update

Additionally, Kaleb Howard and his girlfriend were in a silver Chrysler 200, which has tinted windows. According to the source, they last saw them at the intersection of I10 and Texas. Their mobile phones were turned off following their disappearance. In the meantime, relatives of the missing people filed a missing report and asked the police to locate the missing people.

The state police were able to search the area continuously for three days. The news has emerged that the hunt for three missing individuals has ended. All three have been found. Additionally, 20-year-old Kaleb Howard’s mother confirmed the report on Facebook.

Kaleb Howard and Jaslyn Pearsey Found In Texas

Kaleb Howard’s mom, Natasha Brooke Smith, posted an update and stated that Kaleb Howard, his girlfriend Jaslyn, and Imani were found still alive and well in Texas. However, Natasha Brooke did not reveal additional details about them.

We wish that the three missing people had been located in a safe and sound condition. This is a work in progress.

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