Update | Justin Powers Missing Child Belleville, Illinois, Justin Powers Missing 13 Years Old Boy

Justin Powers Missing

Update | Justin Powers Missing Child Belleville, Illinois, Justin Powers Missing 13 Years Old Boy

This letter is an appeal for your assistance in finding an unidentified boy since the 12th of October, 2022. The missing child is identified to be Justin Powers from Belleville (a city located in St. Clair County, Illinois and also the county seat, which is coterminous with the defunct Belleville Township). The source says that Belleville Township Police have been seeking Justin Powers for over a day. In addition, the family of Justin Powers is concerned about his security. In the following sections, we’ve talked about Justin Powers’s appearance and appearance. Please read the article until the very end.

Justin Powers Missing Belleville, Illinois

According to reports, the kid who was reported missing from Belleville Township is described as being 13 years old at the time. He is blonde with blue eyes. His height is 5’11 inches and he weighs 123 lbs. Additionally, Justin Powers was last seen at precisely 5:35 p.m. in Belleville, Illinois. The following section has further information regarding his story..

According to reports, Justin Powers, a missing child, disappeared in Belleville, Illinois. In the meantime, after he failed to return home and he was not able to communicate with his family members, they began searching for Justin Powers.

Justin Powers Missing

Justin Powers Missing Child

Justin Powers’s family filed an unreported missing report to Belleville Township Police. According to reports, a search effort was launched immediately by the police. The status is that Justin Powers is still missing. Police are now soliciting help from the public to locate the kid.

However, a phone number for help has been provided for anyone who has information regarding Justin Powers’ missing is appealed to call the police department on 911. Help in finding them , as the family members and friends of Justin Powers are worried about the situation. This is an ongoing story. We’ll provide you more information when it becomes available.

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