Judy Zehnder Died At the Age of 77, President Of Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Lodge, Dies Of Lung Cancer

Judy Zehnder Died

Judy Zehnder Died At the Age of 77, President Of Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Lodge, Dies Of Lung Cancer

The Frankenmuth Zehnder family is in mourning after the death of beloved family member Judy Zehnder. Yes, you read it right, she’s not around anymore. According to media reports, Judy Zehnder passed away on October 19th, 2022. The 77-year old was old at the time of her passing. age at the point of her death. Her family members, however, confirmed her death in an announcement to TV5. What caused Judy Zehnder to die? Or what was Judy Zehnder’s cause of death? Get more information about her in the further sections.

Judy Zehnder Died: Cause Of Death Explained

She is most well-known for her role as the President of the Bavarian Inn Lodge. Being a president earned her the respect and recognition of the people. But , at the end of the day, she had to go. In the same way, Judy Zehnder passed away at the age of 77. According to reports, Judy Zehnder breathed her final breath in the presence of her family members around 9:15 am on the 19th of October, 2022. Everyone in the Frankenmuth Zehnder family was with her. Please take a look at the details regarding the cause of her death in the following section.

Judy Zehnder Died

According to the statement of the family of Frankenmuth Zehnder, Judy Zehnder died after an extended battle with lung cancer. Bavarian Inn Lodge’s manager was battling lung cancer. Her relatives stated that her brain had also been impacted by the disease. The reason for the death of the president of the Bavarian Inn Lodge was lung cancer.

President Of Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Lodge Judy Zehnder Died

Judy Zehnder is survived by her husband and three children. Our deepest condolences and our extended prayers remain with them. We pray that the soul of Judy Zehnder will find salvation and peace in the heavens. We ask that God be with all of the family members during this time of sorrow. We pray that God lavishly comforts you in your time of grief and may the light of His presence be a constant source of comfort.

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