A Puerto Rican boxer joseph Adorno and his brother are emulating Father Anibal.

A Puerto Rican boxer joseph Adorno and his brother are emulating Father Anibal.

A Puerto Rican boxer joseph Adorno and his brother are emulating Father Anibal.

Joseph Adorno, a Puerto Rican boxer, is getting the attention of millions of people around the globe in anticipation of his fight in ShoBox New Generation in September, 2022, which will take place in the Bally’s Events Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Hugo Alberto Roldan will challenge Adorno in the 10-round junior welterweight contest in the upcoming “ShoBox: The New Generation.” Adorno’s last fight with a formidable lightweight opponent known as Michel Rivera, ended in defeat (Showtime). Shinard Bunch, who had been scheduled to take on Roldan but had to cancel for circumstances beyond his control, has been substituted by the former star of amateurs.

Adorno lost his fourth straight loss to Rivera in the decisive match of a long and difficult run which began in 2020 and ended in the loss of in all of three previous fights. In January of 2020 Adorno fought and lost to Hector Garcia Montes. A month later, in April, he battled and drew against Jamaine Ortiz. Ortiz was unbeaten at the time, prior to the time that Rivera defeated Ortiz on Showtime.

Adorno defeated Rivera and was able to win in six rounds in a battle against rookies Juan Santiago and Roberto Almazan Monreal in July and May, respectively. Both matches were scheduled for six rounds. The fight will take place on Friday. Adorno is likely to show how he has grown as a fighter following his loss in March of the previous year.

Quick Facts

Full NameJoseph Adorno
NicknameBlessed Hands
Birth PlaceUnion City, New Jersey, USA
OccupationProfessional Boxer
Height5 ft 6 inches
ResidenceAllentown, Pennsylvania, USA

Anibal Adorno, the boxer’s father, was Joseph Adorno’s trainer as well as manager throughout his professional career.

A Puerto Rican boxer joseph Adorno and his brother are emulating Father Anibal.

The legendary fighter, who is now age 23, is fond of imitating every nuanced move his father would perform and practicing it until he could remember the move. Joseph Adorno used to clench his fists in rage and throw them up into the air while seated at the ringside as he watched his father, Anibal, fight as an amateur boxer. Anibal Adorno is Joseph’s father.

Then suddenly the situation changed completely different. Anibal was able to throw away all of his honors and accolades. An unfortunate incident led Anibal to lose sight on one side of the eye which led to his displeasure towards the world. Due to this, Adorno’s father Anibal is adamant with his son every day to do whatever necessary to help Adorno to achieve the level of accomplishment in boxing he has always dreamed of.

A Puerto Rican boxer readily acknowledges that it’s okay for him since his father is trying to fulfill his goals through him. The father of his son has been trying to achieve his dreams through his son. He’s willing to admit that he’s attempting to make it big in boxing to fulfill the dreams of himself as well as his father.

Jeremy Adorno, Joseph Adorno’s brother, as well as Joseph Adorno himself, are both boxers working in the professional ring

A Puerto Rican boxer joseph Adorno and his brother are emulating Father Anibal.

Both Joseph aged 23 along with his older brother Jeremy 21, are boxers promoted to the top ranks by Top Rank. The father of the pair, Anibal Adorno, is also their trainer. Anibal always believed the one of his sons could follow in his footsteps and become a professional boxer and they would be able to be able to enjoy the same professional success as he did not.

Joseph is an experienced weightlifter, who has a record of 14-0-1 and 12 knockouts. With a record of 156-22 as well as numerous victories at amateur competitions, he established himself as a renowned amateur boxer over the course of more than 200 boxing matches.

He was 13-time National Champion and also held titles in the Silver Gloves, Ringside, and Junior Olympic competitions. World champion Shakur Stevenson was disqualified twice by him when they were both amateurs.

Jeremy is a professional at the top of the bantamweight class and has an impressive record of 4-0 and one knockout. Jeremy was a part of USA Boxing and participated in amateur boxing tournaments. He was a winner in more than one hundred fights. The bantamweight also won his first USA Boxing Youth National Championships in 2017 and also won the Ringside World Championships and the National Silver Gloves.

Who is the boxer Joseph Adorno’s mother?

Joseph Aderno appears to have an enduring bond with his mother. She has stood by throughout his early years to provide support and has encouraged him to realize his maximum potential.

The Puerto Rican boxer can be seen on social media site Instagram under the name @realjosephadorno. He has more than 70,600 followers and has shared 29 times. However it appears that he hasn’t shared any photos of his mother in any one of his sites.

We can also connect with him via Twitter. on the Twitter site under the username @ blessedhands. There are more than 1250 tweets as well as the following: 1378 tweets on his Twitter site. Similar to this, we can also find ourselves on the Facebook platform under the name blessedhands. Since he posts only about topics related to work on his various social media pages, there is hardly any information to be found about his mother due to the lack of reliable information sources.

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