Update | John Skelton Missing NH, John Skelton New Hampshire Overdue for Doctor’s Appointment

John Skelton Missing NH

Update | John Skelton Missing NH, John Skelton New Hampshire Overdue for Doctor’s Appointment

This note is to ask for your help to find the man who has been missing since the 6th of October 2022. The man missing is known by the name of John Skelton from Wolfeboro. The source says that New Hampshire State Police have been searching for John Skelton since Thursday evening, the time he last appeared. The family of Skelton has significant concerns regarding him because he suffers from a mental illness. According to reports, he did not make an appointment with the doctor. In the following sections, we’ve discussed John Skelton’s looks and appearance. Read the article to the very end.

John Skelton Missing NH

According to reports, the man missing from New Hampshire is described as having a 65-year-old age. He stands 6 feet tall with a body weight of 194 pounds. John Skelton has short brown hair and blue eyes too. Additionally, when John Skelton was last seen dressed in black jeans and a singlet, we learned more details about the man in our following section.

According to the reports, the missing 65-year-old man was late for his scheduled appointment with the doctor. The man disappeared at 9 at night. When he didn’t make contact with his family members, they began seeking the missing man. Wolfeboro police issued an alert for vulnerable adults about the missing man.

John Skelton Missing NH

John Skelton New Hampshire Overdue for Doctor’s Appointment

John Skelton’s family filed a missing report with officers from the Wolfeboro Police Department. According to reports, a search was initiated with immediate effect by the officer. The status is currently unclear for John Skelton, who is still missing. Police are seeking help in locating John Skelton.

However, a helpline number is available for anyone who has information on John Skelton’s missing and is urged to call police at the New Hampshire State Police department at 635-69-1444. Please help in finding him since his relatives and friends are worried about the situation. This is an ongoing story. Additional details will be provided as they become available.

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