Update | Jaqueline McDermott Found Dead, Jaqueline McDermott Missing Merrit British Columbia

Jaqueline McDermott Found Dead

Update | Jaqueline McDermott Found Dead, Jaqueline McDermott Missing Merrit British Columbia

Jaqueline McDermott, a 22-year old girl, has been missing since September 30, 2022. She is originally from the Kitchener region and is a Waterloo area native. According to reports, Jaqueline McDermott was the subject of a thorough search by RCMP Air Services, Police Dog Services, and the Search & Rescue Department. According to the source, Jaqui, aka Jaqueline, was last seen following her yoga session. According to reports, she fled a yoga retreat. Later, her car was discovered on Highway 97C between Merritt and Logan Lake in British Columbia.

Update | Jaqueline McCDermott Found Dead in Nicola Valley

Police reported on Sunday, October 9, 2022, that the tragic search for a 22-year-old female ended with tragic results. Jaqueline McDermott was found dead. According to reports, Jaqueline McDermott was found dead by police during the Nicola Valley search.

Although a complete determination has yet to be made, RCMP don’t believe that criminality was involved in the woman’s sudden death. Her body was found after extensive searching by the BC Search and Rescue team.

Our sincere condolences are sent to the deceased’s family. Please respect our privacy as we try to figure out how to live without her. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Jaqueline McDermott Missing Merrit British Columbia

Jaqueline McDermott has been missing for more than a week. However, no evidence or clues have been discovered to help locate her. Social media has gained momentum in the Jaqueline McDermott missing case.

In order to spread the word about Jaqueline McDermott’s disappearance, large numbers of netizens are sharing posts. The search teams in British Columbia have included the parents of the missing girl. 

According to reports, Jaqueline McDermott’s parents have started a campaign to raise funds for additional search efforts.

Jaqueline McDermott Found Dead

Jaqui McDermott, 22 years old, Last Seen in Merrit

Jaqueline McDermott was born to Nathalie McDermott, a mother. She said that every time she closes her eyes, she goes down a rabbit hole. It’s unbelievable. It’s crazy. “

RCMP Cpl. Madonna Saunderson stated that “Our investigation was a priority” and that while we are still trying to find out where she is or what might have happened, it is not impossible.

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