How did DJ Janette Slack die? Who was DJ Janette Slack and Cause of Death Explored

Janette Slack die

Janette Slack, a well-known international DJ and producer residing in Hong Kong, died earlier today. Keep reading to find out how DJ Janette Slack died, what happened to her, and what caused her death.

Slack is called an “true trailblazer” for women around the globe in a field which has been predominantly male-dominated. She helped women, specifically from Asia to be the leaders of the field of electronic music.

Who was DJ Janette Slack?

Janette Slack was a well-known Hong Kong DJ and music producer. She was a trailblazer for Asian and female DJs in a competitive and male-dominated business. She was the owner of the Slack Trax label as well as a composer.

Janette Slack die

Slack is also known as a musician instructor to young Hongkongers who were interested in mixing. She began playing in the London’s Torture Garden in the early 2000s. She was a regular performer at the famed club for fetish before moving back in Hong Kong to play at several of the best clubs.

Janette was frequently seen in the most prestigious clubs, secret shows, warehouses and junk party events. Janette was first to be a female participant in London’s Denon DJousts contest , and also won her the Armada female DJ of Europe contest.

Slack has worked with musical legends such as D. Ramirez, the Preset Warriors, Javone Prince, Kickflip, Fabian, and others.

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How did DJ Janette Slack die?

DJ Janette Slack passed away on November 15 2022. She died unexpectedly and in a shocking way. She was 42 at the date of her death. The announcement that Janette Slack died went viral and people quickly paid tribute on the late woman.

The brother of her Trevor Slack announced the unfortunate death of his sister via a heartfelt Facebook post.

“As hard as this is for me to accept, or anyone else for that matter, I know you are at peace,” Trevor wrote in his post.

“Hong Kong lost one of the most brilliant stars, and it’s difficult to imagine how the city could ever be like it was. We’re all stunned over losing this amazing artist who has inspired us all and added value to our lives. Our thoughts are with her family, particularly,” he added.

Janette Slack Causes of death

Although she was a great DJ and music producer, Adam Wright, a fellow DJ and promoter, said that his friends would remember her most for her contagious optimism, steadfast generosity, and joyous, loving heart.

Janette Slack die

In a male-dominated, cutthroat business, she broke new avenues in the field of Asian Female DJs and Asian DJs. In addition to managing the Slack Trax label as well as being a composer Janette taught youngsters Hongkongers who were keen on mixing music.

Hong Kong native At London’s Torture Garden in the early 2000s, Janette got her start. After finishing her residency at the famous fetish club and then returning the city of Hong Kong to perform at various high-end club nights, underground events and warehouse events.

Janette Slack’s cause of death has not been revealed at this time.The page will be updated when we have enough information. More information about Janette Slack’s death will be posted soon.

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Tributes Emerge for DJ Janette Slack Who Passed Away Suddenly

The music industry has paid the tribute of Janette Slack, who died abruptly on Tuesday. DJ Adam Wright who has known her for more than 20 years was the leader of the tributes to the late producer.

“Janette was a true trailblazer for women in the electronic music scene – both in Hong Kong, throughout Asia and even in London – and she had an absolute passion for dance music and the scene in general,” wrote Adam Wright.

“While she was an amazingly talented DJ and music producer, her friends will remember her best for her adorably optimistic outlook, unwavering friendliness, and joyful, warm heart,” he added.

The author concluded that “As satisfied as she appeared in public, she appeared most happy when she shared her passion for music with her DJ and students in music production. It was uplifting to see how she could relate to them as a group of peers and took great satisfaction in their accomplishments. They all looked up to her, just as we all do in a way or another.

“Many other famous celebrities and their fans also were also present at Wright in a tribute in honor of Janette Slack. Our deepest sympathies go out the family of Janette Slack. We pray that God allow her soul to rest in peace.

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