How did Jacob Arellano die? Dallas officer car accident Explained

jacob Arellano die

How did Jacob Arellano die? Dallas officer car accident Explained

According to officials, a driver who was driving in the wrong direction struck and killed the Dallas police officer (Jacob Arellano) while he was en route back to his job on Tuesday afternoon. Let’s examine the incident in greater detail.

What did Jacob Arellano do?

Police Officer Jacob Arellano, 25, was struck by a car going the wrong way around 11.48 p.m. on the 11th of October while he was driving towards the northwest on Spur 408 near West Kiest Boulevard.

In the words of the officers report, Arellano was driving within the center between the lanes, when an car moving northbound in the direction of south struck his front left side of his vehicle.

According to the investigators the collision caused Arellano’s car to the right lane which was where a tractor-trailer smashed into the vehicle. The car “rolled a couple times and stopped” on Spur 408’s right shoulder.

Police have reported the fact that Dallas Fire-Rescue transported Arellano to an area hospital in the hospital, where he died.

Dallas Police Department posted their condolences on Facebook,

The Dallas Police Department wishes to offer its heartfelt condolences to those who loved Officer Jacob Arellano, #11729, who passed away early this morning due to injuries he sustained during a collision. On the 11th of October, 2022, around 11:48 pm, officer Arellano, who was en route to work to begin the beginning of his shift, drove northbound Spur 408 in the vicinity of Kiest Boulevard when the preliminary investigation revealed that his vehicle was struck by a wrong-way driver. Police said Arellano was in three lanes at the time a car heading southbound in the northbound lanes struck the off-duty officer’s car head-on.

The collision caused the police vehicle to move into the right lane and was struck by the tractor trailer. The vehicle of the officer went through several turns before stopping on the right side that runs along Spur 408. The officer was transported by ambulance to the local hospital, where he was in critical state. The driver in the wrong direction was transported to an area hospital in critical state. The preliminary investigation has concluded that the driver was driving in the wrong direction and could be drunk. The investigation into the crash is still ongoing.

Officer Arellano, 25, who is 25, has been a police officer with the Dallas Police Department since June of 2019. He was assigned to the Northwest Patrol Division, 1st Watch. Funeral arrangements are in the process of being finalized. The officer, Arellano, has been buried by his parents, girlfriend, and the infant child. The officer Arellano was also survived by his older brother, who is an Dallas Police Officer.

What did the driver do to him on the wrong path?

The driver who was driving the wrong direction was taken to the hospital where they were admitted to a critical condition. The tractor-driver trailer was not damaged.

The cause of the accident

The driver driving the wrong way may have been intoxicated at the time of the collision, according to the initial conclusions of the police investigation.

Jacob Arellano career

Since June of 2019, Arellano has worked with the Dallas Police Department. He was assigned his Northwest Patrol Division duty.

Eddie Garcia, the chief of the Dallas Police Department, requests to be reminded of the Arellano family in prayers. He tweeted.

Arellano leaves the parents of his children, as well as a partner, and a child. The brother of his, a Dallas police officer is also left behind.

The incident is being investigated into by the traffic division that is part of the Dallas Police Department.

jacob Arellano die

Tributes to Jacob Arellano

Sherry Murray Dunn has posted,

Thank you officer Jacob Arellano, for your service dedication, dedication and the ultimate sacrifice you put in by taking your life to serve law enforcement. Praying for you family members and loved ones as they grieve the loss of a loved one. God will give them peace blood, blue, and blood. Rest Easy, HERO.

Barbra Castaneda Barker posted,

Why do people decide to drive after they’ve consumed alcohol? A lot of innocent people and their families have their lives forever altered. Pray for the family of his deceased and his partner as well as his precious baby and all his family members in Blue. Thank for officer Jacob Arellano for your bravery in serving, protecting and attempting create a safer as well as a safer one. Rest Easy

Sherron Davis posted,

My sincere condolences go out to the family of Officer Arellano, friends, and siblings and brothers of Law Enforcement officers of DPD. Thank you for all you do for our city. We are grateful for you and your commitment to Dallas residents.

Jeff Tippit posted,

Rest in Peace, Brother, as we are on the watch on us now while you guard all of us on your vantage point on the Golden Streets of Heaven. Our prayers and thoughts are with our dear Brother Sergeant Jacob Arellano, and his entire family, blue and blood. God Bless.

Joan Kitchens McLaughlin posted,

Heartfelt condolences and sincere sympathy to the family of Officer Jacob Arellano and friends as well as fellow officers! We pray for the Officer Arellano and his family and friends as well as fellow officers!

More details on the Jacob Arellano car accident will be available soon.

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