Jackie Witte: Where Is She Now? Update Of First Wife Of Paul Newman

Jackie Witte

Jackie Witte: Where is she now? Update on First Wife of Paul Newman

Jackie Witte’s fame stems from her being Paul Leonard Newman’s first wife. He was awarded many honors throughout his career, including the Primetime Emmy Award and an Academy Award.

Paul was born in Shaker Heights (Ohio) on January 26, 1925. As a child, he was passionate about performing and took an interest in the theater. At ten years of age, he made his first stage appearance at the Cleveland Play House in Saint George and the Dragon.

He graduated from Kenyon College in 1949 with a Bachelor’s degree in economics and drama. Paul later attended Yale School of Drama, before enrolling in Lee Strasberg’s Actors Studio program. Lee Strasberg, an American actor, is of Polish descent.

Jackie Witte: Where is she now?

Jackie Witte, Paul Newman’s first wife, died in 1993 at 64. She disappeared from the public eye after her divorce from Newman. However, she did make a living as an actress and model.

Witte, 64, allegedly had a successful career as a model at one time in her life. She was only 19 when she met Newman, a young Navy veteran and actress, while performing on stage.

Paul and Witte married after a long time of dating, despite her being a college student. Witte was born September 1929. She was a dream to be an actress and had dreams of acting during World War II.

Their happy union was shattered in 1954 after the actress discovered that her husband had fallen for Joanne Woodward, a theatre performer. The couple finally divorced in 1958 after Paul began to disappear from their lives.

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Jackie Witte, First Wife of Paul Newman

Jackie Witte

Jackie Witte was 64 years old at the time of her death. She was born September 1929. According to reports, Paul Newman’s first wife died in 1993. The actor, however, died on September 26th 2008 at the age 83.

Paul proposed to her before he became an actor. They were married December 27, 1949. They were married from 1949 to 1958 and had three children: Scott, Susan, Kendall.

After nine years of happy marriage, Paul was cast opposite Joanne Woodward as Picnic’s lead. This led to their separation. His extramarital affair became more well-known and he eventually divorced his first wife in 1957.

Paul divorced Witte to marry Joanne. They were married in 1958. They moved to Manhattan on 11th Street and bought a house there. There they raised their happy family. This made them the first Hollywood couple ever to have children outside of California.

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Jackie Witte’s children

Scott Newman (1950-1978), was a son and daughter of Jackie Witte (born 1953) & Paul Newman (born 1952). Their three children, Scott and Stephanie, were born in 1954. Scott Newman, an actor, died in November 1978 from an overdose of drugs.

Scott was a star in films like 1977’s Fraternity row, Breakheart Pass and The Towering Inferno. Witte, then just 28 years old, lost her first child to a drug overdose in November 1978.

Jackie Witte will marry her husband in 2022

Jackie Witte died in 1993. It is not clear if Jackie reunited with Paul Newman or stayed single. Both parents kept civil relations, despite their contentious divorce.

Paul left her, but she was still unreachable via social media. Witte preferred to be alone and focus on her modeling career. She allegedly achieved the status of a stunning full-time model at one time in her life.

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