“House Of The Dragon”: Is Helaena Able To Dream About Dragons?

Is Helaena Able To Dream About Dragons

“House Of The Dragon”: Is Helaena Able To Dream About Dragons?

HBO’s House of the Dragon is an adaptation of key chapters of George R. R. Martin’s novel titled “Fire & Blood.” It tells the story of the bloody civil conflict that took place in the Targaryen dynasty.

This show was a precursor to HBO’s “Game of Thrones” series. Its source material was also a precursor of George R. R. A Song of Ice and Fire, Martin’s enduring masterpiece They discuss mythology, magic practices, and imaginative ideas. This is illustrated by the concept of the dragon’s dream. This characteristic is not available to anyone without the blood of dragons. Only those with dragon blood can possess it.

This is not always true, and dreams may not include dragons. Episode 6 strongly suggests that Helaena Targaryen is a dragon dreamer. She is played by Phia Saban (as an adult) and Evie Allen (as a little girl). Helaena is Viserys 1’s daughter and Alicent’s granddaughter. Here is our opinion. SPOILERS BEFORE

Is it true that Haelaena dreams about dragons?

Daenys Targaryen is the daughter of Aenar Tarrayen and is widely considered to be the most famous dragon dreamer of all time. According to the texts, Daenys saw the end of Valyria as a young girl. Her father believed the prophecy, and relocated her family and everything from the Valyrian Freehold in Dragonstone in 114 BC. Because he believed the warning was serious, he did it.

Multiple dreamers of dragons have lived in House Targaryen since Daenys. The book “House of the Dragon” reveals that Aegon the Conqueror was himself a dragon dreamer. Aegon had a dream of a dragon, which became the central prophecy of the universe. This dream is known as “A Song of Ice and Fire.” He didn’t only have the ambition to conquer Westeros, he also knew that the North would bring a great darkness and that it could wipe out all men.

For mankind to survive, Westeros must be united under a Targaryen ruler. Emilia Clarke plays Daenerys. Before the birth of the three baby dragons, Daenerys had a dream about a dark dragon. She starts to have visions and dreams about other things after the baby is born.

Mysterious Helaena Targaryen

Helaena is not mentioned in any of the books as a dragon dreamer. The book “Fire and Blood”, however, contains the testimony of many credible witnesses. It is quite possible that they didn’t have a good understanding of Helaena. Episode 6 reveals that Helaena loves insects and creepy crawlies. Aemond, her younger brother, enters the room as Helaena is showing her mother one of the millipedes she has collected.

Aemond does not have a close relationship with a dragon, unlike his siblings and relatives who are Velaryons. He had entered the Dragonpit by himself to capture a dragon. His mother is furious at him for failing to capture a dragon.

Helaena will tell herself that the final ring “has no legs at all” whenever her mother and brother are busy with other things. This could be an observation about the millipede, but when you consider the complicated narrative the creators of this series are trying to convey, it’s more likely to refer to Bran Stark.

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The Story of Helaena Targaryen in the Series

Is Helaena Able To Dream About Dragons

Helaena’s statement is even more fascinating. As her mother and brother discuss the misadventure Aemond had dealing with the dragon, her mother makes the comment, “He’ll need to close an eye.” This is shown in the seventh episode. Aemond claims Vhagar, her dragon, on the night of Laena Velaryon’s funeral. Vhagar, the largest dragon in the current lot, is the only one that survived the conquest.

After a thrilling journey, he is greeted upon his arrival by Rhaenyra’s sons, Jacaerys & Lucerys, as well as Laena’s daughters, Baela & Rhaena. Aemond is accused of stealing Vhagar while he refers to Rhaenyra’s boys as b *****ds. Aemond loses one of his eyes as a result. In an attempt to calm Rhaenyra’s mother, Aemond repeats the words of his sister later. He now has a dragon to call home, even though he is missing one eye.

It will be interesting to see how the authors approach this aspect of the story. Helaena is likely to become a Greens figure that is similar to Cassandra. She will not only be doomed to find out what’s coming, but she will also be hard to believe. She could also be able to see what is coming in the future and believe that the trauma she suffered is the cause of her current behavior.

Perhaps the most cruel irony is that Viserys I is a dragon dreamer. He might be able to learn something about his children other than Rhaenyra if he pays attention to them. Rhaenyra, his only child, is the one he pays attention to. He will be able to stop the future from unfolding as he predicted. Unfortunately, this is not the television show we are currently watching.

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