How to Earn Money from Youtube | 3 Best method

How to Earn Money from Youtube

How to earn money from youtube Everyone is eager to find how to answer this query because following the launch of Jio it has become a race to make money online in our country. A lot of people are making money online from their homes thanks to YouTube.

In this post, you’re going to learn that How to earn money from youtube. If you want to learn, go through this blog thoroughly because you’ll learn a lot today. In this blog, you will learn all about how to earn money from youtube. In this article we’ll also discuss what you can do to make money through YouTube and how to create your own YouTube channel.

How to Earn Money from Youtube

In this day and age unemployment is an enormous issue across the country. In the present time of joblessness when you are employed from home, it’s a great thing. Did you know that YouTube could also become your work?

If you do, then it’s a great idea, but if aren’t aware that money can be earned by making use of YouTube and other social media, you must go through this article thoroughly because in this article we will show how to open the doors to your YouTube channel and earn millions. You can earn money effortlessly from the comfort of your home.

Find out now what ways you can use YouTube to make money from YouTube?

1. Adsense (How to Earn Money from Youtube)

With the aid of Adsense YouTubers are making thousands of rupees through their channel on YouTube.

To earn money through AdSense through your YouTube channel, first you need to first join your YouTube channel to Adsense.

How do I connect Adsense to Youtube

To connect the Adsense account with the YouTube channel, first you have to first receive Adsense permission for the YouTube channel, in order you can make money from your YouTube channel through the aid of Adsense.

To receive Adsense acceptance to the YouTube channel, you’ll first need to reach 11,000 subscribers, and 4000 hours watched time on your channel. After that, only ads will be displayed in the YouTube channel.

In accordance with the policies of Adsense according to the policy of Adsense, there shouldn’t have a strike against copyright, or Copyright claims on the channel. If this is the case, your channel is not made monetizable by Adsense.

To connect your YouTube channel to Adsense To link your YouTube channel to Adsense, first visit Once you’ve logged on to you will need to log in or sign-up using your Google account. Once you have done that, you can connect your YouTube channel to adsense.

2. Sponsorship (How to Earn Money from Youtube)

Through sponsorship, more money can be made through YouTube as compared to Adsense. Sponsorship requires you to advertise a product or service and in exchange, the business will give you a substantial amount of cash.

How to obtain sponsorship

You could also apply for sponsorship by yourself to submit an application on

If you have lots of subscribers and a good level of engagement, then you can provide your email address in your about section. This is where the company will reach out to you to request sponsorship.

3. Affiliate Marketing (How to Earn Money from Youtube)

Thanks to your YouTube videos, you are able to earn money from affiliate marketing. Through the affiliate market, you could easily earn lakhs of dollars by using your YouTube videos while sitting at your home.

You may include an affiliate link to your item in your description on YouTube where, if viewers purchase the product after clicking the link, you earn a fee for the product.

What is Affiliate Marketing

For Affiliate marketing you need to sign up for an affiliate programme of business such as Amazon or a site like flipkart. There, you need to select the item that you want to purchase. You then have to make a link, which you then offer to someone else. If the person you share the link with purchases the item, then you receive a percentage that is a portion of the cost of the product.

These are some unique ways of which you could make thousands of rupees from your YouTube channel while sitting at your home. Then you can also start your YouTube channel, and begin working from home.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our How to earn money from youtube and you’ve managed to take something away from it. If you are still having a doubts in your mind, you can ask us questions by posting a comment. We will respond to your question as soon as we can.

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