How old is House of Chains singer Carina Battrick? Information About The Actress

singer Carina Battrick

Carina Battrick who plays a role in the film Home of Chains and is just 10 years old and is raking in a number of accolades for her performance.

Carina Battrick is well-known throughout America. US for her roles as a dancer, actor and model. Her early days were defined by an unwavering passion for stage work and the art of entertaining people. Additionally her acting career, she has earned lots of praise for her role as the younger Henry Coles in Impulse and Michelle in Really feel the Beat. The roles she played have been featured in numerous films.

In addition, Carina has a robust passion for learning, which has enabled her to create a thriving creative flair. This, in turn makes it much easier for her to play the roles she takes on in tv. She has been featured in numerous films, and has been a part of important aspects, despite her young age.

Quick Facts of singer Carina Battrick

Full NameCarina Battrick
Birth DateJuly 9, 2012
Age10 years old
HomeTownHomeTownToronto, Canada
MotherAnna Battrick
FatherNot Available
SiblingsValentina Battrick (Elder Sister), Antonina Battrick (Younger Sister)
Height3’11”, 152 cm, or 1.52 m
Net WorthUS$ 200-210 Thousand Approx.

How old do you think it is for Carina Battrick, who plays her bass part as a member of Home of Chains?

singer Carina Battrick

In the year in 2022 Carina Battrick was celebrating her 10th birthday. The information gathered indicates that she was born on July 9th, 2012 in the city of California located in the State of California which is located which is located in the US. Anna Battrick is the mom of the actress’s child who’s at present three toes and 11 inches tall and continues to grow (mom).

In addition, Carina Battrick is most known for her work in the forthcoming dance film The Beat (2020), that will be available on Netflix and will feature Sofia Carson, Viggo Mortensen as well as a variety of other performers and actors. Additionally her role, she was created as a series regular on the sitcom with a long running “Chucky,” making her the show’s most recent “buddy until the end” (2021) carina’s other interests include dancing contests as well as actions related to music.

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The next section provides details on Carina Battrick’s parents and other household members.

  • Carina Battrick who is an actor who’s currently 10 years old began her career at just five years old. In the past that she was born on the 9th of July 2012, in the lovely state of California located on the US.
  • The title of her mom was Anna Battrick, and she or he appears to be extremely focused on her daughter’s acting career. Anna is her mom. She is the one who manages her daughter’s social networks in addition to her own.
  • Battrick is the 2nd child who her parents were born with, and has the privilege of having two sisters.
  • In addition, Valentina and Antonina Battrick the Battrick sisters who are vibrant both perform on stage and act like their skilled aunt. Her younger sister’s title is Antonina and her elder sister’s name is Valentina They have been born on June 15, 2011. (born on February 6 in (born February 6,).
  • Additionally, she started performing in performances with her sister Valentina Battrick at only two years old. At that point, she became interested in performing and interacting with people on the street for the first time. In spite of that she had to put in significantly more effort than other children in the household in order to garner anyone’s attention in any way.
  • Before he made it to the enormous screen, Battrick gained the experience of a theatre performer as a member of the casts for the plays “Lion King,”” “Trolls,” “Frog and Toad,”” “Aladdin,” and “Historical history of the King.” It’s interesting to note that Battrick accumulated this knowledge before he made it onto the huge screen.
  • Her most recent role was as a regular on the sitcom that has been running for decades “Chucky,” when she was announced as the show’s newest “buddy until the end” (2021). Due to her appearance in her role in the American horror slasher series Chucky the actress who is younger just 10 years old older, has been pushed in the public spotlight along with actress Zackary Arthur. Additionally appearing for seven scenes of the collection, which was directed by a variety of different directors, with a resemblance to Don Mancini and Caroline Cross and Caroline Cross, who all worked together with Barbara Alyn Woods.
  • However, she is most well-known for her part in the forthcoming Netflix dance-themed film The Beat (2020), which also features Sofia Carson, Viggo Mortensen and a host of other actor and actresses.You can check out Carina Battrick’s Instagram by looking for posts that use an hashtag like #carinabattrick. She has posted 251 posts as of now and in these posts, we’re in a position to view photos of sisters. Her current followers number more than 29,000 followers. she has shared these posts.

Carina Battrick Social Media Details


Carina battrick instagram

Carina Battrick FAQ

What kinds of activities does Carina Battrick enjoy?

Reading, photography, learning, travel, and internet browsing are just a few examples.

Who is Carina Battrick’s father?

The father’s title for Carina Battrick is N/A.

Who is Carina Battrick’s mother?

The mother title of Carina Battrick is N/A.

Where is Carina Battrick originally from?

California in the USA.

When is Carina Battrick’s birthday?

July 9, 2012.

What is Carina Battrick’s age?

By the year 2022, Carina Battrick? age is ten years old.

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