How Long Is a Soccer Game?


Certain soccer rules can be a bit complicated.

For instance: how long do soccer matches really last?

Let’s clear any doubts for all!

This article will answer all your questions regarding this subject . It will also explain everything you must learn about soccer matches length.

How Long Is a Soccer Game

 A soccer game is 90 minutes long.    

It is divided into two 45-minute time periods.

Between each session, there is a 15 minute interval.

This is exactly what Law #7 of the International Football Association Board’s ” Laws of the Game” says.

How Long Is a Soccer Game?

How Long do Soccer Games Typically Last?

There are no rules… However, we’re talking about a game and real human beings playing it, surely?

That’s right… It’s virtually impossible to adhere to the rules here.

How long will soccer games usually last?

Similar to the one above, from the beginning to the end of the game the soccer game is 90 minutes long. There are two 45-minute halves separated by a break of 15 minutes. (With all of this added together it’s an hour, 45 minutes, or more than 105 minutes).

Soccer matches, on the other hand, do not usually last 90 minutes.

The factors like wasted time (by either team) as well as disciplinary penalties, suspensions due to drinks or medical reasons injuries or substitutions, goal celebrations force the referees to allow for the amount of time lost every half.

If that’s the case, at the final second of every half,, the referee notifies the fourth official about required additional time needed to compensate for the time that was that was lost. The additional time can be increased as needed (to compensate for the any time lost in the extra time).

It’s the responsibility of the referee after taking all this being considered to decide what time the game will end.

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How Long do Professional Soccer Games Last

Professional soccer is controlled through the International Football Association Board.

Each year, this organization adds changes, amends or revises the rules for the game.This is to ensure the safety of both players and supporters as well as to make the game as thrilling as is possible.

Law 7 governs the length of soccer matches played by professional teams and stipulates that each game is comprised of two 45-minute halves. minutes -and i.e. every soccer match lasts for 90 minutes. This is in addition to an additional period of time set by the referee as necessary.

If it’s a match in a playoff and the outcome after 90 minute period of play is not a draw the match will be extended to additional time. Extra time is 30 minutes long and is divided into two parts of 15 minutes each.

(If after overtime, the score remains an even score the game is an opportunity for a penalty shootout.)

How Long Is a Soccer Game?

How Long do Youth Soccer Games Last

The youth soccer leagues adhere the rules of different leagues.

For instance, the number of players on each team could be different (from the standard eleven) as well as the amount of substitutes in the match could be more (than the standard 3 players allowed).

The duration of games that are allowed is contingent on the various age groups.

The following is the way in which United States Youth Soccer Association summarizes it:

Under-6: Four 6-minute quarters.

Under-8: Four 12-minute quarters.

Under-10: Two 25-minute halves.

Under-11 & Under-12: Two 30-minute halves. (Extra time two half-hours of 10 minutes.)

Under-13 & Under-14: Two 35-minute halves. (Extra time two half-hours of 10 minutes.)

Under-15 & Under-16: Two 40-minute halves. (Extra time two 15-minute half-hours.)

Under-17, Under-18 & Under-19: Two 45-minute halves. (Extra time 2 15-minute half-hours.)

How Long do Middle School Soccer Games Last

Middle school soccer games typically consist of two 30-minute periods, with a five minutes of break.

This duration can differ, but it varies between middle school and middle school. In certain schools, they play matches comprising two 35-minute periods and a 10-minute or 5-minute break.

If we’re discussing middle school tournaments, game length may be different.

Matches may last for two 20-minute half-hours with a five-minute break and two 25-minute periods with a 5-minute interval , or even two 35-minute halftimes with 10-minute breaks.

How Long Is a Soccer Game?

How Long do High School Soccer Games Last

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), with its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, sets the rules for soccer matches for high schools across the United States.

Each state sets its own rules and length of games, which may vary football games for high school players typically comprise two 40-minute half-hour sessions lasting 80 minutes.

When there’s an unofficial tie at end of regulation play, then what will follow are two 10-minute periods of overtime.


How Long Do High School Soccer Games For Girls Last?

The high school girls’ game can be as long as 80 minutes long and comprises of two equal parts of 40 minutes, or four quarters of 20 min each.

The time between two halftimes, or between the third and the second quarters is of 10 minutes duration.

How Long do Women’s Soccer Games Last

Women’s soccer matches begin at the same amount of time as football matches for men. two 45-minute periods with a 15 minute halftime.

The games for women’s soccer at the college level also have the same time duration.


In this article, we will learn the length of an soccer game. The average is 90 minutes, broken into two 45-minute periods and a 15-minute break plus stopping time.

If there’s a tie at the conclusion of the regulation the game may be adjudicated as a draw or it could be played for additional time of 15-minute periods (with no interruption in between) in the case of an official playoff game (or the rules of competition stipulate that there can’t be draw).

If the outcome is an even draw after the extra time is over then there shall be a penalty shootout in order to decide who is the winner.

We also observed that the length of games differs between age groups. group, where the smallest footballers are the ones who play the least time. As they advance towards the upper age bracket the longer their soccer games run.

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