How Bisleri Became A Leading Brand In India

How Bisleri Became A Leading Brand In India

Many brands have successfully made their brand synonymous with the products they represent. To achieve this level of perfection, it takes hard work and a strategic approach.

There are many brands that have done this for real, but Bisleri is the best. Anybody can ask for a Bisleri to purchase a water bottle. This is a testament to the strength of the brand’s market position over the years.

The Idea that Changed Everything

Bisleri is an Italian company that Felice Bisleri founded in order to sell bottled water in India. Felice Bisleri was initially created to provide an alcohol remedy. It is composed of Cinchona and Herbs as well as iron salts.

Dr. Rossi was Felice Bisleri’s family doctor and was integral to the brand’s beginnings. Dr. Rossi was appointed the Bisleri’s owner after Felice Bisleri died on September 17, 1921.

Khushroo was the son of the company’s legal adviser. He played a significant role in establishing Bisleri in India.

Although water was readily available in India, Suntook was attracted to India by the demand and market for clean water.

How Bisleri Became A Leading Brand In India

Bisleri Enters Indian Market

Khushroo Suntook founded the first “Bisleri Water Plant” in Thane, Mumbai in 1965.

The product was intended for the upper-middle, onward and foreign classes.

Bisleri was first available in high-end restaurants and five-star hotels. Rossi and Suntook wanted to expand their customer base, so they decided to introduce the product to the general public.

How Bisleri Became A Leading Brand In India

Parle Takes Over

In 1969, Ramesh Chanhan purchased Bisleri at a price of Rs 4 lakh. The brand grew tremendously under Chauhan’s leadership and was soon able to launch packaged water as well as soft drinks.

The brand became one the most loved brands in the country. Bisleri still holds the largest market share at 60 percent despite increasing competition in packaged water.

The brand’s marketing strategy has been successful in establishing its brand value over the years.

How Bisleri Became A Leading Brand In India

Bisleri has done it all, from creating the most original punch lines to writing the most captivating adverts. This is what makes Bisleri such a successful brand today.

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