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The Latin Armata, which means Armed Force, is the origin of the word army. It is an army that protects a country. The full name of Army is Alert, Regular Mobility Young. This is an army of young people who monitor every movement and can be sent to any place they need.

How do you join the Indian Army?

To join Indian Army, a candidate must be in the 10th or 12th grade. Your height should also be sufficient to allow you to serve as an officer in the Indian ARMY. Your body weight shouldn’t be less than 50kg. Your running should be also good

What is the age requirement to join Indian army

For Indian ARMY recruitment, candidates must be at least 17 years old when they fill out the application form. Maximum 21 years for the soldier post. For other positions, the maximum age should not exceed 23 years.

The army is an organized force that fights on the ground. It is a branch that can combine multiple branches into itself, but it is not a landless one. The Air Force currently resides within the Army. India was the first country to organize an army. . China is home to the largest army, with 1,600,000. active soldiers and 5,10,000 reserve troops. India is second, after China, because India has the second-largest army in the world with 1,129,000 soldiers active and 9,60,000 reserve soldiers.

What is Army Service Corps?

The oldest and most important administrative service of Indian Army is the Army Service Corps (ASC). It was established in 1898 by the East India Company. Since then, its operations have expanded to include land, water, and air. The Corps has been involved in many missions across three continents, and on all terrain types from deserts to highlands and snowy mountains to forests.

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