UPDATE | Devon Guffey Car Accident Indiana, GoFundMe By Emily Frank

Devon Guffey Car Accident

UPDATE | Devon Guffey Car Accident Indiana, GoFundMe By Emily Frank

In Indiana, at least five people were killed in a recent car accident. According to the source, Devon Guffey was among the five victims who sustained severe injuries. It is also being reported that the Devon Guffey car accident involved a multi-vehicle collision. Devon Guffey‘s financial needs are being met by a fundraising campaign.

Devon Guffey Car Accident Indiana

Devon Guffey sustained serious injuries in an accident involving multiple vehicles that occurred in Indiana. Devon Guffey was also injured in the crash. Devon was flown to the hospital by airlift. Kiera Harris, a victim of the crash from Evansville, Indiana, identified other victims in a post on Facebook. Kiera claims that Jaliyah, Kyle, Damon, and Devon were all involved. Kiera Harris said that she suffered a fractured fibula in her left leg. She will need to wear a boot. She also sustained injuries to her right foot. Kyle has a fractured spine, Jaliyah has a damaged tooth and other wounds on her head, while Damon was having CT scans and had a broken nose.

Kiera Harris wrote that Devon is also a strong child and that he can overcome any obstacle with God’s help. We love you all and thank Jesus for keeping us safe. Kiera Harris continued to say that Devon must go a long distance to recover. She urges loved ones to continue to pray for him.

Devon Guffey GoFundMe By Emily Frank

Devon Guffey Car Accident

According to the source, Devon Guffey’s parents, Ashley and Matt, have started a fundraising campaign to help them raise funds. According to reports, Davon Guffey was helped by Emily Frank, a friend who started a GoFundMe campaign that had a $5,000 target.

There has been no statement from the police regarding the investigation. We are still awaiting the final report on the accident.

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