How Did Derrick Huggins Die? COMET Interim CEO Derrick Huggins Passed Away At 56, Derrick Huggins Cause of Death and Obituary

Derrick Huggins Die

Derrick Huggins, who was the interim CEO and executive director of the Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority (COMET), passed away unexpectedly. We are devastated to announce this news item. In the past, COMET announced that its interim Executive Director and CEO, Derrick Huggins, passed away at 56 years old on the 7th of October, 2022. Derrick Huggins was an ardent member of the board of COMET. The news of his death came out unexpectedly, and Derrick’s followers and admirers have been keen to know the reason behind his death. Derrick Huggins

How Did Derrick Huggins Die?

This was tragic news, and the COMET Board Chair was able to address it. He did not divulge the reason for his death. Due to the absence of details about Derrick’s death, we are not able to make this claim.

Derrick Huggins was appointed as the interim CEO of the Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority in the month of November 2021. Prior to his appointment as temporary CEO, the executive had served as an active board member for many years. 

According to reports, the Board of Directors decided to nominate LeRoy DesChamps to replace the former CEO, Derrick Huggins. LeRoy is currently employed in the position of Chief Operations Officer.

Derrick Huggins Die

What was Derrick Huggins Cause of Death?

In declaring Derrick Huggins’s passing on the COMET Board of Directors, the Board Chair Allison Terracio said, “Derrick was not just the COMET’s CEO. COMET the COMET. He was a COMET Board member as well as a Board Chair. And we all knew him professionally, but also as a person. We are devastated by the news of this tragic loss since many of us were in contact with him recently and were planning future plans with him. We will miss him”

The funeral arrangements and the funeral arrangements are also in process. The family of Derrick Huggins will shortly share details about Derrick’s funeral arrangements. We are currently working on the details. Our sincere condolences and our sincere thoughts are with Derrick’s family and friends, as well as colleagues and friends.

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