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Best Dental Insurance Germany: Dental treatment in Germany is top-quality, but costly. Your general health insurance might not cover all dental treatments. In this article we provide information on who should be considering dental insurance and what is the most effective dental insurance plan in Germany.

Quick Overview

Imagine you’re running out of time and you need to find an answer. Here’s what you need to know:

Ottonova The best dental insurance company in Germany for 2020. Website, customer service and the app are in English. Very comprehensive cover, super-fast reimbursement.

Feather– Expat insurance broker, easy to use, web-based customer service in English Basic and premium plans.

GoSafeEasy to use, easy to navigate website and customer service in English One-plan works for all, and reimbursement is after 48hrs.

Does German Health Insurance Cover Dental Care?

As part of the German health scheme, German health insurance companies offer basic dental treatment for routine check-ups, like yearly exams and descaling of your teeth, plastic fillings for your front teeth, and wisdom tooth removal.

What types of treatments are covered within your health care plan in particular depends on whether you’ve got the public health insurance (GKV) or private health insurance (PKV). Private health insurance generally offers a broad dental plan as well as the option to enhance your dental coverage through a premium-based plan. If you are covered by an insurance company that is private such as Ottonova, there is no have to consider acquiring an additional dental insurance.

If you are covered through statutory health insurance such as TK AOK, TK and Barmer, this article is suitable for you. Private dental insurance may be an appropriate way to complement your health insurance plan, as any expensive dental procedure can cost several hundred or thousand euros and are only partially covered by the public health insurance.

Why Do You Need Dental Insurance In Germany?

Dental hygiene can help you avoid various procedures. But even with good treatment, you will not be able to improve your genetics. In fact, your genetics play a huge role on your ability to have good or poor teeth. If your parents or grandparents suffer from issues in their dental health, likelihood is that you’ll need dental treatment in the near future too.

If you have a track record of more sophisticated dental procedures in your country of origin dental insurance is a good idea for you to consider it in Germany.

Let’s look at some estimates for costs for dental treatments from Germany:

Professional cleaning: 50 – 120 euros

Root canal treatment: 300 – 1.000 euros

Ceramic Inlay 400 to 700 euros

Implant with a crown made of ceramic: 2.500 – 3.500 euros

Ceramic bridge 1.300 – 2.200 euros

In the event of a public health insurance plan, it may be able to cover 30-70 percent of the costs for treatment. Private dental insurance could provide a substantial portion of the remainder or the whole amount.

Dental Insurance Germany
Source: Ottonova

What Does Dental Insurance In Germany Cover?

The dental insurance policy in Germany typically will cover the following aspects:

Professional cleaning

Dental treatment

Dental prosthesis






Every insurance policy and each insurer will, however, provide different amounts , and may cover or exclude certain procedures. It is therefore important to speak with your dentist about your most vulnerable areas to determine the most appropriate plan for you.

What Is The Best Dental Insurance In Germany?

There are two excellent dental insurance options in Germany for foreigners.

Important note: Only book supplementary private dental insurance when you have health insurance coverage through the public sector. If you have your own health insurance plan, then you already have better dental coverage and can augment it directly with your health insurance company.

1. Ottonova

Dental Insurance Germany
Source: Ottonova

Ottonova is an insurance company for private health located in Germany. It was established in the year 2017 and is changing the way in which traditional insurance businesses. It is the only private health insurance provider that is completely digital and provides their services only in English.

Ottonova has been awarded an award in the most sought-after consumer test in 2020, for the most effective private dental insurance policy. It has three different plans available for various levels of dental coverage.

Dental Insurance Germany
Source: Ottonova

Economy Class Starting From 8,80 Euros A Month


Dental procedures like periodontal, root canal and plastic fillings (100 percent)

Prosthetic teeth (100 100 percent if health insurance coverage is public or insurance covers a portion)

Implants and dentures (70 70 %)

Professional cleaning of up to 70 euros per year

Functional analytic and functional therapeutic services (70 percent)

The cost per month is based on your age, but it has limits on the amount it covers for during the first four years. starting at 800 euros, and growing to 800 euros every year.

Business Class Starting From 12,68 Euros A Month

Includes Economy Class plus:

Children’s orthodontics (85-100 percent)

Two professional cleans, up to 70 euros for each cleaning

Functional therapeutic and functional analytical services (85 percent)

The premium for insurance depends on your age, but there is limits on its coverage for during the first four years beginning with 1.000 euros and rising to 1.000 euros per year.

First Class Starting From 20,18 Euros A Month

Includes Business Class plus:

Implants and dentures (100 100 %)

Children’s orthodontics (100 percent)

Adult orthodontics for adults (100 percent of or 2,000 euro if the public health insurance covers part of)

Additional services for anesthesia

Two professional cleans that can reach 90 euros for each cleaning

Functional analytic and therapeutic services (100 100 %)

The amount you pay for insurance will depend on your age, but it has limits on the amount it covers for during the first four years beginning with 1.250 euros and growing to 1.250 euros every year.

Each of the Three Ottonova policies are subject to a waiting period of 3 months prior to when you are able to use the insurance policy, but not the need for preventative treatment and those following an accident.

2. Feather

Dental Insurance Germany
Source: Feather

Feather is an innovative insurance broker that caters to expats living in Germany. They understand the challenges expats confront in Germany and make their services in a digital format easy and accessible in English. In terms of Private dental insurance Feather has two options: Advanced and Basic. Dental insurance from Feather begins the following day following purchase, without waiting for a period of time.

Basic Cover Starting From 9,00 Euros A Month


Professionally cleaned teeth

Dental procedures, including

Premium composite fillings

Treatments for root canals

Periodontal treatments

Mouthguards to stop bite splints and grinding of teeth

Anesthesia and pain relief

Treatments for orthodontics

Your age determines how much insurance costs. It has a limit on it’s coverage in during the first two years beginning at 150 euros and then increasing it to 150 euros for the following year. All treatments, with the exception of orthodontics, come with unlimited coverage beginning in the third year you are insured. Orthodontics is covered up to 2.000 euros starting in the third year.

Advanced Cover Starting From 16,00 Euros A Month


Whitening teeth as high as 200 euro per two years

Replacements for teeth and dentures

Crowns and bridges


Inlays and onlays

The premium for the advanced insurance plan is also based on your age, however, it is not limiting its coverage to all procedures covered by the basic plan during the initial two years, except orthodontics, which is where the limitations will be the same the basic plan.

The Advanced coverage, however, has limitations on dental restorations within the initial four years. It also takes into consideration the possibility of missing teeth when you enrollment, as this will affect the coverage limit.

Dental Insurance Germany
Source: Feather

3. Getsafe

Dental Insurance Germany
Source: Getsafe

Getsafe is an innovative insurtech business that is changing the traditional insurance market. Completely digital, simple to use, and fluent in English are three of the advantages of Getsafe. In terms of the private insurance for dental, Getsafe provides a basic and simple plan that has simple English rules regarding what’s covered and what isn’t.

Basic Dental Insurance Starts At 9.31 Euros Per Month


Dental cleaning professionals up around 80 euro per year

Treatments for tooth decay

Composite fillings

Treatments for the root canal

Periodontal treatments

Therapy and functional analysis (75 75 %)

Dental Prosthesis (75%)

Inlays and onlays

Bridges and crowns

Veneers & dentures

Implants and bone grafts

The dental insurance provided by Getsafe comes with three months of waiting however, dental hygiene or fissure sealing, or procedures arising from caries and an accident diagnosis aren’t included in waiting times.

Dental Insurance Germany
Source: Getsafe

Getsafe boasts of the fastest reimbursement time of just 48-hours after the submission of an application. Like Ottonova and Feather The dental insurance offered by Getsafe also includes an insurance scale that extends over four years up to unlimited coverage.

Tips: Before you get any advanced dental treatment Ask your dentist for an Heiland Kostenplan und Kostenplan (a estimated cost) and send it to your health insurance company as well as dental insurance. They will inform you what they’ll pay and, in some instances without this plan, they may not pay for any treatment at all.

A private dental insurance policy to cover the health insurance coverage is a good idea especially if you are prone to having poor teeth. It is contingent on how comprehensive you’d like your insurance to be, as well as the age at which you’re. If we look at the most extensive insurance offered by the various providers at the age of 32, you’ll be paying 28,44 euros per month for Ottonova 2580 euros for Feather as well as 12,58 euro with the Getsafe.

Happy hunting for insurance !

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