Den Dokpradu Passed Away At 80, Comedian Den Dokpradu Cause of Death

Den Dokpradu Passed Away At 80

Den Dokpradu Passed Away At 80, Comedian Den Dokpradu Cause of Death

The well-known Thai actor and comedian Den Dokpradu has passed away. Den Dokpradu died on Tuesday morning, October 11, 2022. Den Dokpradu was 80 years old at the time of his death. The news of his death was confirmed by his comedy partner, Yong Chernyim. Den Dokpradu had turned 80 years old. The theory is that he passed away naturally.

Den Dokpradu Passed Away At 80

Yong Chernyim, Den Dokpradu’s colleague and friend, posted the announcement on his Facebook page early on Tuesday. “May your soul be at rest, My Brother Den Dokpradu,” he wrote.

The real name of Den Dokpradu was Banpote Weerarat, but he was best known by his character name, Den Dokpradu. According to news reports, Den Dokpradu died peacefully at his Bangkok home in the early hours of 1.30 am Tuesday morning, his family informed TV Channel 3.

What Was Den Dokpradu Cause of Death?

The place where he was raised is Satun Province’s Khuan Kalong district. He was a part of a variety of comedy shows, as well as soap operas and films. He was well-known for his polite humor. He was the lead actor in the comedic film “Theppabud Ta Ting Nong” in 1977.

Den Dokpradu Passed Away At 80

Funeral rituals of bathing for Den Dokpradu are scheduled at 4pm on Tuesday at Wat Siripongthamnimit, in the Vatcharaphol region of Bangkok.

Following the death of Den Dokpradu, comedian Yong Chernyim posted, “May your soul rest in peace, my brother Den Dokpradu,” on his Facebook page, Yong Station, in the early hours of Tuesday.

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