Dawn Oxley dead and obituary, Who is Ben Oxley’s Ex-Wife Dawn Oxley?

Dawn Oxley dead

Dawn Oxley dead and obituary, Who is Ben Oxley’s Ex-Wife Dawn Oxley?

Officials rushed to Benjamin Oxley’s home after he was shot in the head by a man in February 2008. Detectives quickly discovered that James Matlean, his ex-wife, was the one responsible. Dawn Oxley (Ben’s ex-wife) is an important part of the investigation as she was murdered. You can read below to find out where she is now.

Who is Dawn Oxley?

Ben Oxley and Dawn met in 1997. They began dating and were married in 1999. Their six-year-old daughter, Alyssa, was married in 2004. In 2006, however, Ben married Melissa Oxley. Dawn was required to share custody of Alyssa and Ben’s child support. This created a lot of friction between them that Ben’s lawyer exploited to cause conflict in their relationship.

Melissa called 9-1-1 around 3:30 AM on February 21st, 2008 to report Ben was missing. Ben was found with a headshot and a shotgun. She then pointed out Dawn’s ex-boyfriend as a possible suspect after looking at other possibilities. This person was not ruled a suspect. A few months after the start of the investigation, Dawn was questioned by police about her relationship with James Matlean.

The authorities closely examined Dawn and James’ alibis, and they found they lied to them. Dawn, her ex-husband’s wife, confessed to her murder in August 2009 and asked to be sent to prison. She was granted immunity and permitted to testify against Ben for the same reason she was angry. She never asked James to kill her ex-husband.

Dawn Oxley dead

Dawn said that she wanted Ben to disappear. Witnesses also reported that Dawn had drank with James on the night of his death. Authorities were also told by her son that she and his mother had planned Ben’s murder so Dawn would stop paying child support and transfer custody to Alyssa.

Dawn claimed that she fell asleep on the couch, but James later woke Dawn by saying, “It’s done.” She then followed James to his mother’s home, as he had intended to leave his car there. Dawn said that she hadn’t been in touch with Ben for weeks. She claimed that she had only seen him when Alyssa visited. She addressed her ex-husband and stated that she tried to avoid him. He is my ex-husband. Our marriage was a disaster. “

Where is Dawn Oxley located currently?

James confessed to killing Ben but claimed Dawn was his mastermind. His conviction was based on her testimony. James stated that Dawn had planned to kill Melissa and Ben before she was arrested. During her imprisonment, she denied the claims. Dawn has been having problems with the law for years and has been in and out of prison.

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