Chris DiPaola, Connecticut, Obituary, Owner of WBLQ and the ‘voice of Westerly,’ dies at 49

Chris DiPaola Death

Chris DiPaola, Connecticut, Obituary, Owner of WBLQ and the ‘voice of Westerly,’ dies at 49

Chris DiPaola Death, Obituary

Christopher DiPaola, who dedicated his whole existence to Westerly WBLQ, the radio station WBLQ and the community, has passed away. He was 49. While the cause of his death is not known, the family members said that they believe that he died due to an unintentional medical condition. After the station announced his death on Friday, the morning show was dedicated to the memory of the station’s founder, who was also known as the “ringmaster.”

In his home town of Westerly and the surrounding region, DiPaola’s station has been a fixture. Recently, he pushed for a lease extension of a long-term nature for the radio tower at his station located on Westerly Municipal property. He was popular behind the microphone for his nickname “Crazy” Chris DiPaola, and would often fill hours of radio time with his friendly voice and humorous chatter. Tom Nall, a resident of Westerly who first heard WBLQ and then became close with the station’s owner, said of him, “He was a treasure.” “This person devoted everything to his family, his neighborhood, and his community.”

The sole locally-owned radio station that is located in Westerly is WBLQ, which broadcasts a range of sports, music and local programming. It’s the only station that is on AM 1230 as well as 103.1 FM that you can listen to Westerly Town Council sessions. WBLQ is focused on Westerly and the surrounding regions, including Charlestown, Richmond, and Hopkinton. It’s also available via the internet to anyone around the world. In the words of Steve Conti, DiPaola’s radio right-hand man , who oversees the technical aspect of the station as well as the affiliates it has “I can’t say More than that guy, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered anyone that loves the community, particularly this location. He was Chariho and Westerly’s staunchest ally.

The community is seeking to improve the area in which the AM tower of the station is located. DiPaola and the supporters of the station have been in front of the Municipality Council to ask for an extension of 20 years for the lease on the property. The town had considered an extension of five years on the lease. A five-year lease extension has been described by DiPaola as telling your spouse that you will always love them. However, you are only able to commit to five years at a time. It’s too costly to move the tower that was in place for many years before DiPaola purchased it, as per DiPaola and his supporters.

Chris DiPaola Death

In meetings over the last couple of weeks, members of the Town Council expressed their support for the station and tried to put down the fears about the town’s dedication to the future of the station. The lease arrangement hasn’t been negotiated. Conti confirmed that the station would keep going even though it’s a personnel problem without DiPaola. DiPaola was a host of everything from shows to cleaning up the garbage. DiPaola was also the owner of I-105.5 within West Warwick and Coventry. West Warwick and Coventry area.

A flourishing AM radio station in 2022 is not common, according to Conti. ” “So many AM stations are closing their doors or going out of business.” DiPaola started his extensive radio career as a child.

 A long-time friend, Caswell Cooke, currently an elected council member on the Westerly town council, remembers going to Friendly’s at one point when they were teens. DiPaolo demanded water. DiPaola replied, “I’m saving my money as I’d like to purchase a radio station in the future.” In the end, he was right. Cooke said that in the past the station would record shows on cassette tapes and test a tiny transmitter that was in the backyard of DiPaola’s parents’ home. DiPaola was an admirer of Bob Barker, the host of the game show WBLQ and the 66 WNBC, which was based in New York, which served as an inspiration for the station.

He was merely “so passionate about radio,” according to Cooke. Radio was the main aspect of his life, other than his wife, children, and family. DiPaola donned a cowboy hat in the most recent video posted on their Facebook page to give away tickets to the haunted home that was haunted. “What’s your favorite station? DiPaola put the question to the contestant who won in the same way as commercial radio listeners throughout the world do. “WBLQ,” the winner replied.

However, WBLQ was much more than games and entertainment. They also delved into local politics that were hyper-local in the way that you don’t get so often in our modern media age. For major events, too, WBLQ became indispensable. When Superstorm Sandy hit and people were without power, many were reliant on WBLQ. DiPaola was there to make sure that the station continued to run and distribute information during the midst of a crisis. Full Story

Tributes to Chris DiPaola

In the wake of the news of Chris DiPaola’s demise being announced, family, friends, and family members, as well as other individuals who had a close relationship with Chris DiPaola, are suffering from extreme sadness. I don’t think it’s appropriate to describe life as scary. According to my husband, it’s a lot like getting an energizing massage after an exhausting day at work. At the end of the day, you’ll need to get yourself back up and return to work in the near future. To put it in perspective, it pretty much summarizes the cycle of life and death along with the state of the economy.

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